2012 Senate Procedures

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2012 Senate Procedures

Post by Prince Andrick » 2012-01-10

As I stated under my post while running for Magistrate for 2012, here is the procedure for Senate Proposals:

All proposals must have 2 co-signers
Please indicate if your proposal should be taken as a whole or can be voted on in line item format when submitting.
If it will be a line item proposal, please submit in a "bullet point" format for ease sake.
All proposals must be sent to me in electronic format (Word preferably) at avandahl AT gmail DOT com. I will link the magistrate AT darkon DOT org to that account after Jan. 1 so that should be ok as well.
Upon receipt, I will forward all proposals to country contacts provided to me by country leaders.
I will also post them to the Office of the Darkon Magistrate site as well
Proposals will go before Senate at the first meeting after I have received them and be discussed
After the first meeting, any changes suggested by Senate will be passed on to the person who made the proposal to be included or not
Proposals will then be emailed again to country contacts as described above with any changes included
At the next meeting, the proposal will be distributed again in it's "final form"
The proposal will then be voted on at the next Senate meeting following that.

So, from start to finish there will be at least 3 Senate meetings from proposal to vote. I intend to have Senate once a month unless business requires more/fewer meetings. I will not have discussion or voting only meetings. Meaning, you are welcome to make a proposal at the second meeting of the year and it will follow the same format. Some meetings might be proposal only (the first one of the year certainly will be). Some might be revision only, or voting only, or any combination of the above. This should allow 3 months between proposal and vote, which should be more then enough time for people to discuss and decide how they want to vote on an issue.

This is the plan, but of course certain things may not follow this course exactly. If a proposal needs more time to be ironed out, we will take it. If everyone loves something it might take less. I feel one of the most important parts of the Magistrate job is to keep Senate moving forward. I will do my best to do so, but I don't want anyone to ever feel like they have been rushed into a vote. Feel free to email me or talk to me at an event with any questions you might have.

Mod, please move to Official Announcements and pin if ya would.

Tim Beavers
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