Senate Awards for 2012

Official announcements from various governing bodies of the club.
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Senate Awards for 2012

Post by Prince Andrick » 2012-12-20

A couple of notes first. Best of Class and Golden Spud were intended to be given to one person of each class and one Golden Spud only each year. Being as this was the first year we did this there was obviously some confusion so it is what it is. Also, some people were nominated at the Senate meeting where the awards were voted upon. This also should not have happened, as the nomination period had been closed and announced. Again, obviously some people did not get the message so it is what it is. Just remember that nominations next year will need to be in by the end of October for the individual to be considered. Start thinking and keeping an eye on those you think may be deserving now for next year.

Without further ado, the list:

Order of the Mask (Best in Class)
Cleric: Adam Freitag/ Absolom; Faleris; Andrick; Rennard
Mage: Wolfie
Fighter: Moonrift; Thrush
Druid: Magnus
Monk: Rza; Pain
Thief: Travis Potter
Cavalier: Cailen

Order of the Dragon (Positive Attitude)
Zahn, Justin Wiloughby

Golden Spud (Name says it all)
Lauren "Red" Edwards
Jessica "wiggles"

Order of the Raven (Superior Roleplay/Gard/Weapons/Armor)
Michael Paterson
Eric Hoffman
Travis Potter
Brittney <NQ>
Steve "Crash" Terrell
John Spratt
Eric Poch
36 of Bloody axe
Jaris Fejbranehe <CB>

There you have it. I look forward to serving the game again next year as President.
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