Presidential Ruling on Nobility

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Presidential Ruling on Nobility

Post by Prince Andrick » 2013-03-14

Presidential ruling on petitions for nobility:

The new bylaws went into effect immediately upon passage. While it is certainly an over site on everyone's part that we did not realize how this would effect petitions for the spring, the fact is the bylaws now require petitions to be received by the Secretary 6 months ahead of time. While it may suck for those petitioning, the bylaws are clear on this. There is no grey area to interpret. This is the legal document our club is incorporated under and I am not willing to ignore or allow them to be ignored. So, all those petitioning now will have to wait until the fall. I would suggest announcing for petitions for the fall ASAP so we don't have this issue again. In the grand scheme of things, waiting another 6 months isn't going to kill anyone.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone and I realize it's not exactly fair, but I see no other way to handle the situation.
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