It began as a whisper...

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Moderators will be liberal in the removal of OOC posts and comments. Do not 'god mode' in the forums, if you can't do it on the field you can't do it here.
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Guy The Bloodied
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It began as a whisper...

Post by Guy The Bloodied » 2013-12-15

After the final ringing of steel echoed off of the cold dead ground and the broken bodies that littered it, the victors stood silent. The siege guns were loaded, their oiled mechanisms straining to unleash death, but the gun crews held their fire. It was that beautiful kind of silence that only follows slaughter, when the heart still pounds like a drum and shaking hands grasp hilts slick with blood as a field of sightless eyes gaze into the sky. Slowly it dawned on them all, like waking from a dream: Victory.

They looked to one another, waiting. Who would they name?

From cracked, blood-caked lips, there came a sound. It wrenched itself into the air in a bloom of steam and spittle. It threw itself over the dead and into the ears of those who had lived to hear it:


Like fire, it kindled the heart of every man and woman who stood the field. It burned them from the inside until it burst from their mouths like dragon fire and set the sky ablaze with hell-noise:


The mad cry washed over the land. It raced over mountain and sea into every village, every keep. It echoed from the highest peak of the ruins of Valdimar, to the very bowels of Ched Nasad, where even those forsaken slaves choked out the cry as they turned the wheels: "Niko Queen. Niko Queen. Niko Queen."
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by fingers630 » 2013-12-16

Lucius stood his ground before Tarimstadt, not a soul stood beside him, awaiting the Usurper's Army. He heard them cheering, and chanting in the distance like animals.

After what seemed like ages, a country approached. Not the massive army he had witnessed before, who had scattered the 2 dozen Elidorians supporting Prince Andrick with 5x their numbers, but a single country. Asaheim.

A quick query revealed the new "King" would not be coming to claim the keep, but instead granted looting rights to this nation of mercenaries. Drawing his sword, he challenged the leader of their band, and leapt at the defilers, as the last defender of Tarimstadt....
Justicar Lucius Alexander Crum
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Lord Dubh
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by Lord Dubh » 2013-12-16

As promised, upon the victory of the new High King. Lord Dubh presented HRM Whisper with the key to the gates of Tarimstadt as it his right to have.

Poor Squire Crum.
Sir Bendore Dubh of Dai-Dagan, CR, KR, OG, OR, CB, CC
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Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2013-12-16

So dis Whisper iz king now? Fine. I'm sayin' sum stuff now ta be clear from da beginnin'!

Da orkz'll never bow down to da king. Any king. Dat meant Cailen too. Any laws dat'r made, da orkz ain't gunna listen to. If you try ta make da orkz bow, we will fight and spend ev'ry breff ta make da king fall.

But... you show da orkz 'spect da way Cailen did, you treat us descent like. Den maybe you got yerself sum boyz dat'll smash some gitz for ya if ya ask. Yer choice.

Asst. Land Marshal
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by Snudge » 2013-12-16

See.....Here's the thing, Emperor Whisper already has some boys that will smash gits for him. In fact he has alot of them, as the crown war aptly demonstrated.
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Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2013-12-16

Dat's up to da king. Imma show 'spect fer da king an' kween an' let dem decide wevvur orkz iz friendz er foez.

Darkon iz fickle. Orkz mean wut dey sez an' stick wiv it.

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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Re: It began as a whisper...

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-12-16

The last defender of Tarimstadt, Squire Crum stood firm in his resolve to defend Tarimstadt until his death. He fought and died under my blade in single combat, a warriors death.

He fought well, like a man of true honor. But his was a necessary death, for part of the contract stated exclusive looting and pillaging rights belonged to Asaheim, along with a large amount of gold from the coffers of a supporter of Whisper.

With the drapes burned or taken to be sold, the statues of weeping women and the crosses bearing the christian god removed, Asaheim left the castle to be taken over by the new king, Assassin-King Whisper Everhate.

"Now, to get back to the halls and drink until we forget how much gold we just got paid"
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