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Warboss Gutzmangul: Attorney at Law

Posted: 2013-12-17
by Warboss Gutzmangul
((The following is written on a pamphlet that is being circulated through out the realm.))

Have you incurred fines set forth by the crown? Is your own country compiling a list of your misdeeds? Have the words "traitorous dog" been thrown around as a kangaroo court is set up to prosecute you with trumped up charges? Worry not! Warboss Gutzmangul Law offices in WAAAGH!!! are prepared to help.

Warboss Gutzmangul has been lawyer to such important Darkonians as Raekwon of Northern kingdoms and is on call as legal council to Snudge of Nurgle. Warboss Gutzmangul has also served as Herald to Archduke Cailen during his time as king.

Warboss Gutzmangul's services can be engaged for the modest fee of 100 gold. You pay nothing if you don't win your case. A smaller fee of 20 gold can be paid if you'd rather have Warboss Gutzmangul simply kill your accuser.

"Dis law stuff ain't 'ard! I'm da smartest two-legs in Darkon an' I'm da best talker dere iz! If I can' win da case, you pay nuffin' and I'll rip out da gutz ov da pro-sek-you-shun wiv no added fee!"

Re: Warboss Gutzmangul: Attorney at Law

Posted: 2013-12-19
by Kobalos
Having been present at his defense of Rae-Kwon, and having been an official judge when he won the debates at the World's Fair, I can attest that Gutz would make a fine barrister should you find yourself in need of one.

I would also love to see him in a powdered barrister's wig ;)