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Got a Grudge?

Posted: 2014-02-25
by Sir Sturmbjorne
The Ministry of Grudges is officially open and ready to oversee the settling of grudges of the people.

What is a grudge? A grudge is a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.
This can either by personal or a country based offense.
A personal grudge is always 1 vs 1, while a country grudge can be up to 5 vs 5.

Who can call on settlement of a grudge? Anyone call out any other member of the realm to a grudge match. It is the right of the defendant to deny a claim of grudge, but that wouldn't be honorable and you might look like a coward. Though, for an official imperial grudge match to be seen, it must be agreed upon by both the plaintiff and defendant.

What types of fights are there? There are two types of fights; a Holmganga and a Banahogg.
A Holmganga is a best 2 of 3 fight with no armor or abilities allowed. Combatants fight until first blood each fight. Wounds carry over between matches. The loser is executed publically.
A Banahogg is a fight to the death with armor and battle abilities allowed.

What about a Champion? A champion may be used by the defendant only, the plaintiff may never have a champion fight for them. The option for a Champion involves a fee.

Are there other options? If your purse is deep enough, you can adjust the rules for your grudge. Options include; healing and mending between matches, additional armor and abilities. All of these options are available to all, at the same charge, but your opponent will not be told what to expect until the fight.

Payment! Payment is expecting in coin, at time of service. The initial grudge fee is always paid by the plaintiff. Any extras are paid for by the person receiving them.

Judging! All fights are watched over by the Imperial Domari; a group of hand chosen honorable persons that judge the honor of the fight.

Frequency of fights!
Fights will be done periodically, when a decent number of acceptable challenges has been made, so as to not saturate the realm with Grudge settlements every time we meet.

If you have a question about the fees or would like to arrange your Grudge Match, please send me a missive or find me in person.

Re: Got a Grudge?

Posted: 2014-03-05
by Sir Sturmbjorne
Prices of the Ministry of Grudges are as follows and are subject to change without notice.

Claim Type*:
Personal Claim (1v1) 10g
Country Claim (up to 5v5) 25g

Fight Type*:
Holmganga 10g, best 2 of 3 to first blood, loser is executed. No armor or abilities
Banahogg 5g, fight to the death, armor and battle abilities

Fight Options:
Holmganga Options:
Cure Light Wounds (between rounds) 1g
Allow AC 1 2g
Allow AC 2 4g
Allow AC 3 8g
Allow AC 4 16g
Mend (between rounds) 5g
Allow Battle Abilties, 5g

Banahogg Options:
Resurrection (following end of match) 10g
Allow Adventure Abilities 20g

Champion Options
Imperial Champion 5g
Personal Champion 10g

*The Plaintiff pays these fees.

Re: Got a Grudge?

Posted: 2014-03-06
by Amazing_Iltztafein
When I am available, I would gladly mend for such events if needed.

Re: Got a Grudge?

Posted: 2014-03-11
by Sir Sturmbjorne
The Ministry of Grudges is looking to have a good first showing at Bellum Aerternus III.
If you have a grudge, find me or send a raven with a message with the details of the claim and we can get started on giving you the oppurtunity to have Public Imperial Justice and bloodletting with roars from the crowd.

Again, we want to have event after event at BAIII, so dont be shy, get your grudge on.

Re: Got a Grudge?

Posted: 2014-04-01
by fingers630
I heard Chosen Blood has a grudge. Id gladly stand as judge for it if they desire....