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To the realm of Darkon

Posted: 2015-10-15
by QueenKendra

It has come to my attention that arrangements for a wedding have been made under false pretenses. The King has been told that I, Lady Kendra Campbell, am deceased; I assure you that this is untrue.

I am quite alive and although I have traveled far away since the downfall of the Mighty Nation of Mordom, I am still a noble by marriage to His Majesty King Malkin Campbell.

We were married by King Tarim under the watchful Eye of Kodos, many years ago when Lord Malkin was then a Count. While many of you, who know me, have not seen me in many years and even more in the realm may have never seen me, I assure you I am your Queen.

I hope one day soon to leave my duties at the convent and come back to the realm of Darkon. Until such a hopeful day, please understand that any new wedding of His Majesty is an abomination under the Eye of Kodos! I know my loving husband, now knowing I live, will not proceed with this abominable act. I hold His Majesty tour marital vows and bond under Kodos, the Father Griffin.

HRH Queen Kendra Campbell
Landstradt Member of the GMCPS
Devote Acolyte of Kodos
Wife to His Majesty King Malkin Campbell