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Posted: 2012-03-22
by Wulfen Freki
Several months have passed since the Skaven had set paw outside of his newly completely nest; a desolate isolated tower once home to the people of Meslam, called Scat Pile.
After the long siege of the tower and the scouring of the lands to find any survivors he retreated into his new prize, his trophy and began to turn it from a ruined tower into a ruined tower... with lots of tunnels underneath it.
Breeders from all across Hellpit had been brought to this new network or holes and brothels that Scat was very fond of; betraying his loyalty to The Great Horned Rat in favor of the pleasures that Slaanesh had to offer.

The sun was very bright and the tunnel-dwellers were momentarily blinded when he opened the gate to the outerwalls and the realm.

"I' hate de son. Tu bright." Scat Scat covered his eyes with a jagged claw, his tail being to snap from side to side.

Speaking to noone in particular. "Can't handle some undeed human-mans on oun. Needz de great Scat Scat de brave to help-help."
His bodygaurd nodded in unison. They were four tall black fur Skaven nodded, the largest carrying a worn scroll of human flesh. Written in blood was his return to duty papers that the Warlord's Scribe had sent over in hast.

"You'z kill-slay'd de message-giver, right-right?" Scat Scat demanded
Again the bodygaurd nodded in unison.
An errie silence that made Scat Scat tighten his scent-glands instinctively washed over the entire area where human, orc, elf and skaven slaves worked to rebuild the outerwalls.

"Sum undeed shuld be no probliim fur Scat Scat the brave. Hi'z thrice bless-tainted by The Great Horned Rat."
He drew his bar from his side; a mesh of steel and warpstone gave the metal a sickly-green tone and it glew with a blue radiance that was almost as blinding to the Skaven as the sun was.

"A'right den. Let'z go find de Warlord and kill uz some Undeed. Be'n tu long wit de breeders, tho dey say yu can nev'r spend tu much tyme wit breeders. I'z du ned mi some kill-slaying to feel good-good again."

And so with that, Scat Scat the brave, set out once again in the name of Ched Nasad, to do the Warlord's bidding, another foe must be crushed.