Come To Gatorland

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Moderators will be liberal in the removal of OOC posts and comments. Do not 'god mode' in the forums, if you can't do it on the field you can't do it here.
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Come To Gatorland

Post by Magnus » 2012-05-25

Dear weary soldiers, mages, and lords of the realm,
Tired of the constant trudge of battle? waking up to a zombie crawling in your bedroll? the endless weapon drills and exercises? Take a break and Come to Gatorland Hotel Casino and Spa!

That is correct, Gatorland Hotel Casino and Spa is the place for you if you like daring and dangerous entertainment, The most honest gaming tables in the realm, and beautiful women and men to fawn over you, this is the place to be. The Gatorland Hotel, Casino, and Spa welcomes all weary travelers to enjoy a weekend of pure enjoyment to take your mind off protecting your fair countries and the realm at whole for a moment.

Gatorland is proud to state that so far we have been zombie free, if you don't count the gator voodoo women's intimate undead slaves they keep, but don't worry they are harmless. We definately do not abide any of the bad kind of undead though. Gambling and loose members of the opposite sex or same sex not sound like your idea of a good time? don't worry, talk to one of our many event coordinators to check the list of the day's fun filled Hotel Activities. Want to see the wonderous sights of gatorland? Get a guided tour and safari by one of the locals. Just make sure not to go it alone, as there have been reports of Tribal warriors in the region, but compared to the casino guard, they are nothing but savages with sticks.

This weekend is also a very special time to be in gatorland. The Casino Diplomats have struck up a treaty with the savages to bring peace and unity to the area. In return for certain assets, the Casino will share the better parts of civilization such as education, teaching a strong work ethic, the wearing of pants, and the tolerence to greet guests of their realm with grace and humility. Be there for the celebration, feast and signing of the treaty that brings peace to a province that was once swept by battle.

We hope to see you at The Gatorland Hotel Casino and Spa, and as the natives say, though I still don't understand it, May the Mother Gator be with you!

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Re: Come To Gatorland

Post by DrSquirrel » 2012-05-27

Now that you say it, I could use a day in the spa. Are these the best mud bathes around? Also what casino ?games are we looking forward to playing?

I eagerly wait for a reply,
Doctor Squirrel
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Re: Come To Gatorland

Post by Magnus » 2012-05-27

Of course we have the best mud baths@ made with the purifying mud of gatorland. There will be assorted card games, such as Tonk, black jack, poker, liars dice of course, shut the box, a money wheel and many others, there are simply too many festivities to list, Come to gator land and have a blast!.

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Re: Come To Gatorland

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-05-29

Where in the realm of Darkon is Gatorland located? Thank you.

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Re: Come To Gatorland

Post by Snudge » 2012-05-29

Island in the middle of the inland sea ,with Nurgle and AQ. I think
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