Tabled proposal updated

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Tabled proposal updated

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-08-08

Not sure what the process is for getting a proposal a second look after it has been tabled. The Gambesons as AR1 has been updated to address the concerns that got it tabled. It should be ready for another go.

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Re: Tabled proposal updated

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-08-08

sounds good as we get closer to the scheduled senate meeting I will do a announcement for getting people who are willing to present new changes to sign up to present at that time just state you are ready and willing and I will add you to the addenda... and as always if people do not contact me to get on that list that they are ready to present then they will NOT be added to the addenda we have a TON of new proposals and only those that have a person willing to attend the meeting and to present the proposal will be actually brought before senate for consideration
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