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Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-10-28
by Thrush Svartehjertet
I did suggest a Warband proposal... just to mess with the "permanence" of the map (raids and such)... But that did'nt gel with the permanent scorecard people, at ALL.

I still believe the more off the field crap we come up with to "enrichen the Darkon experience" and "ad flavor" to offer people as an alternative to playing the game, the more they will gobble it up. America in 2013 is very lazy. We are the most obese nation on earth. Darkon is just a microcosm of America. Where 15 years ago a large portion of Darkon probably did at least one other physically demanding, cardio encouraging thing in their lives, I'd bet that number is under 50% now. Offering more and more reasons to NOT be on the field, is very comfortable. America likes comfortable.

This has also been discussed about the numbers of people on the field at Ragnarok vs the growing numbers of people who actually go to Ragnarok. In 2001 there were about 560 people at Ragnarok, our biggest fight was about 450 people. In 2013 we had about 1600 people, and the biggest battle was guestimated at about 500ish... All foam fighting games are fighting to get people to not just show up, but to actually be on the field.

I'd like to see Darkon be better than everyone else... But that may just be me.


Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-10-28
by Lord Cailen Sendor
1. Mexico
2. USA
3. New Zealand
4. Chile
5. Australia
6. Canada
7. UK
8. Ireland
9. Luxembourg
10. Finland

That's according to the UN and does not include the 8+ small island states that have higher percentages then Mexico.

So I see some of the Vikings descendants are finally making there mark on the world stage and trying to work for #1 again :)

While at the same time the USA looses another #1 spot.

But yes more can be done to keep Darkon as a nation off this list - and bring more people out to have more fun remember while doing this to not put down the people that threw the years have dedicated countless hours to keeping the game going by their volunteer work. Is that really to much to ask?

In the old days people when they saw problems stepped up to fix it - in todays society its more likely that people just complain and put others down and their policies down rather then try and bridge the gap and work together to make it better. I would like to think in our community that we can work together without personally attacking groups within our organization as a way to degrade those people in a attempt to make a point. But I guess society does have its claws in us anyway... sadly...

Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-10-28
by shroom2021
Maybe we could find a way to combine the permanence of the current land map with a map that resets and allows for things like warbands to exist.

I have heard that we are expanding the map to include some new islands or something to that effect. Why not have the islands sink under the water at the end of the year and rise again at the end of january. Who ever holds the most land at the end of the year is rewarded something that will give them an edge in the next year.

Those who are already heavily invested in our current map won't be effected by the new lands.
Those who want to be a warband can run amok on the islands reducing captured hexes to non-captured hexes.
For those worried about not being able to punish the warband because they don't have a hex, maybe there is a way to work that in by say, mandating that a warband must be sponsored by another entity(through some small commitment of gold just to get the warband shipped over to the islands.) Once there the warband operates as its own entity, however if defeated there is a chance (through a die roll or something) that one of the warband is captured and spills the beans as to its sponsor, which can be any entity capable of dispensing the required gold to "create" the warband.
I would say that a warband wouldn't take hexes, but reduce them back to ownerless wastelands. The value of the hex would be added to the warbands hoard, which after it grows large enough would make that warband a huge target for established countries. To retain the hoard we could say that movement costs around the island are suspended for the warband so that they don't have to spend any money at all, everything they plunder goes directly to their "hoard."
To allow competition among warbands, we could allow the warband which has the largest hoard and is still undefeated at the time of the island reset get something worthwhile, regocnition(Your hoard is recorded in the annals of Darkon legend in much the same way that Gengis Khan is remembered) or something more tangible like a percentage of the hoard is turned to hard currency and distributed among the members.

IE. Cael Doarn provides some nomads with enough gold (say 50 pieces) to get started as a warband. They get to dress alike and fight together and attack hexes on the island. They amass a fortune raiding those hexes and reduce many different country owned hexes to ash. An alliance of Northern Kingdoms and Elidor finally track down the warband and put them to the sword. Upon defeat, their current stash is split between NK and Elidor and a die is cast to determine if one of the warband reveals their benefactor. The die reveals that Cael started the warband and not only is Elidor pissed, but NK sends and assassin to eliminate him for causing so much trouble. He is killed repeatedly and robbed until he no longer possesses enough treasure to fund another warband.

Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-10-28
by fingers630
While we are fixing land rules/maps can we make it so country coffers can ONLY be used for land actions? You want to pay someone, use actual coin?

Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-10-28
by Thrush Svartehjertet
I think THAT is a good idea IF we enforce keeping it in play. Teach kids to get wasted and wander off from their treasure chest... lol

Cailen, you feel personally attacked... I can't help you there. I certainly did not THIS calender year step up with Cas to run a campout a week before it was scheduled 'cause no one else would... You must be talking about other people who just bitch.

Change starts with serious discourse. Do something. I'll be on the field fighting, or leaving the field to check any late comer's weapons...


Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-11-16
by Kobalos
Thrush Svartehjertet wrote:Change starts with serious discourse. Do something.

Well said. We have a guy in my branch at work that talks a lot about stuff like bad parking, too much mandatory training, etc. But he doesn't just bitch, he brings up ideas to the powers that be, and sometimes they even take him up on it. He got a personal note from the head of our training directorate that mandatory training was something she wanted to take a hard look at, and now.

As many have said, Darkon is ever-evolving, and "fun" to different people for different reasons. But you have to DO something if you want it to change.

Not enough countries standing up to run campouts? Then run one. Thrush & Kaz's campout was a blast.

Tired of boring two-teams fights? Come up with an event. Of course Fingers comes to mind, but so do others--Gor has an idea that sounds cool. Halcon's bridge battles are great fun.

Think the NC has too much power? Run for office. Show up in Senate. Nobles are by definition (as someone else pointed out) vets with a lot of influence. If a Noble (or group of Nobles) are looking to use that influence to change the game to what they think it needs, then that change has got some momentum behind it. (Sorry, personal rant there, but it's come up in at least three different conversations lately.)

Think the field needs more elders? Then ask if your own country, or the one standing next to you, has offered up an elder for the day. You don't have to be an EB member or Noble to ask other people to follow the rules.

You get the idea.

Re: Actually only having ring fights on tourney days?

Posted: 2013-11-17
by Thrush Svartehjertet
Yeah cars kept blocking the ability of 18 wheelers to make the turn out of my loading dock (or the ability to back into it often) because the marked spaces went to close to the turning zone.

I did a six sigma project outlining my time to find the owner of vehicles to get them to move thus adding their time (read salary) to move their cars. Plus if the trucker didn't want to wait for all this driver chasing, they'd leave and charge us a re-delivery fee the next day.

It took one week to get the landlord to stripe over the 4 spaces keeping trucks out of the dock.

Get * done, tell bitches.