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Rogue Proposal Not Approved by EB...

Posted: 2013-12-03
by Kobalos
Has the EB shared why they turned it down?

I might've seen something on FB, but don't have access to it at work...

Re: Rogue Proposal Not Approved by EB...

Posted: 2013-12-03
by Kobalos
Ah, found it in my email queue:
Fingers wrote:As many are aware the Rogue Proposal has been debated and is scheduled to go back to Senate on Dec. 15th. This proposal passed Senate, however the EB voted it down 4-1.

After Discussing with Kevin Inox Zygmontas the main issue with the proposal, the Reading of Scrolls, particularly higher level, signature ones, we have come up with the following change:

At 9th rank, Rogues gain the ability to 'Read Magical Languages' as an adventure-only skill. In addition to reading normal languages, a Rogue may now translate magical texts, and can read and cast any scroll up to 8th Rank. The Rogue reads the scroll just as a caster would, and may then immediately cast the spell written on the scroll, following normal rules for scroll reading and spell casting.

By limiting scroll use to 8th rank, you allow Druids and Mages to keep their "signature pouching spells", and you eliminate any Rogue from performing last rites assassinations without the assistance of a cleric. This nerfs thieves a little bit as well since they can currently cast up to 10th rank spells from scrolls.

Prayer touch would still be possible, however this is mitigated by the fact someone would still need to put on the gloves and not have anything in their hand to use the PT'd spell.

The fixed proposal would be as listed below.

Were there any other issues?

Re: Rogue Proposal Not Approved by EB...

Posted: 2013-12-04
by fingers630
thats all the info I was given.