New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

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New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-12-14


"In days of old did Ivaldi's sons Skidbladnir fashion fair, The best of ships for the bright god Freyr, The noble son of Njorth.
The best of trees must Yggdrasil be, Skithblathnir best of boats; Of all the gods is Othin the greatest, And Sleipnir the best of steeds; Bilrost of bridges, Bragi of skalds, Hobrok of hawks, and Garm of hounds"

Skidbladnir is a ship of the norse gods which was so fine in it's craft and so light that when not in use it could be folded up and stored in a pouch.

Use: The country that retains Skidbladnir receives the ability to transport an army across a body of water without the need of a boat. While traveling across the water the army may not be attacked, however they may still attack other vessels and hexes bordering water. While traveling across water the army moves as though they were in a boat.
If an individual is wearing the green pouch which represents Skidbladnir, that person and anyone they are touching(other travellers may not use weapons to stay in contact with the bearer of Skidbladnir) may walk across areas marked as water as though they were on a boat. Breaking contact with the bearer of Skidbladnir immediately ends the effect and you fall into the water. If the bearer of Skidbladnir is killed while in a water area, he/she cannot move the pouch from where it fell and must leave it there if they leave the area. Skidbladnir in it's pouch form floats on all surfaces and cannot be destroyed by fire. Skidbladnir may be unfolded into a boat at any time in order to ferry more people. Once unfolded, Skidbladnir functions as a normal ship.

In Game: Skidbladnir is represented by a green pouch containing 50ft of cord and may be looted transferring the item to a new country. Skidbladnir must be brought to all campouts the country is present at and any land/sea actions involving the country the item is currently owned by. Skidbladnir does not need to be worn during day events in which adventure rules are not in effect, but it may still be worn by any member of the country that currently owns the item. If Skidbladnir lays unclaimed at the end of an event, it is reclaimed by the gods and may only be reclaimed as an adventure prize.

Thoughts? After writing this it seems a bit complicated, but maybe someone has some suggestions to help simplify this or make it work.

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Re: New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-12-15

Had some time to collect my thoughts and figures a features list would be better than the rambling

Skidbladnir would have the following features:

As A Relic:
1. Represented by a green pouch with 50ft of cord

2. Grants any person ability to walk on water. Anyone in direct physical contact may also walk on water.

3. Cord may be used to form a boat at any time.

4. Lootable

As an Adventure Award:
1. Allows country to move an army across water without the need of a boat.

2. Army equipped with this item may not be attacked while on a water hex.

3. Army equipped with this item may attack any other ships or hexes which border water.

4. While moving across water, equipped army follows normal movement rules for sailing.

I am thinking that this may have to go one way or the other, but it would be interesting to combine the two lists to form a lootable Adventure award.


1. All rules above apply

2. Owning country must claim item from relics marshall at the beginning of each event.

3. If left unclaimed at the end of any event, relic reverts back to nothing and must be awarded via an Adventure prize again.

4. Item would be turned in to the relics marshall at the end of the event to avoid loss. If the relic changes ownership the land marshall would probably have to be informed.

The last part here is the puzzling part. It sounds like it would be very complicated to have an award that applies to the land map change hands. The land marshall would have to be informed so that the new owning country would be able to make use of it, and the item would be one more thing to keep track of, especially if the item were left unclaimed.

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Re: New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

Post by Kobalos » 2013-12-19

It's a very cool idea, although the Land Marshal's job is enough of a pain in the ass without having to keep track of who's got the cool boat this week.

If it did go forward, I'd like to see it (or rather, the riders) be able to be attacked. There's enough other benefits (like no upkeep cost) to consider it a relic. It's not like it makes you invisible or anything.

You'd also have to figure out if it can be used in any battle scenario (like bridge battles) involving water and drowning rules. Can you carry weapons? Must any hand holding the cord be otherwise free?

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Re: New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-12-19

So the implication with this is that while you have the relic eqiuped on your person you essentially function like a mobile floating platform. You can carry weapons and wear any armor type and anyone who is in direct physical contact shares that. The hand that would be touching the person must remain in contact at all times that they are on the water or the ability is instantly lost. I would imagine that this would denote no other objects in that hand, but your right this would probably have to be stated to avoid confusion.

My intent isn't to make an exceptional amount of work for the land marshal, but the more I think about the land map abilities the more I cannot find a way around it. Unfourtunately I am not aware who the current landmarshal is, maybe he/she could weigh in on that part of the discussion and let us know how they feel about this.

I do see your point about the trade off here, I didn't think about the lack of upkeep for this so there doesn't need to be anything that says you cannot be attacked. I guess in that event, if the users of Skidbladnir are attacked while at sea and lose, the boat then becomes the property of the attackers.

I will try and get another re-write up tonight for just the relic half of the rules to be more specific about the use of this.

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Re: New Relic/Campout Prize: Skidbladnir

Post by Snudge » 2013-12-20

As a former land marshal and an assistant to the current I know this is more trouble than its worth. Sorry man, but any relic that comes with map effects is a bad idea. LM is alot of work already
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