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Darkon Coin Proposal - Discuss

Post by Kai Firebrand » 2013-12-27

Darkon Coin proposal overhaul Discussion

Current rule set for coins in Darkon.


Treasure plays only a small role in actual battle, but can be crucial during adventures. The monetary standard in Darkon is the silver piece. For large amounts of money a country Leader or the Land Marshal may issue a Currency Writ, which can be taken to the Darkon Treasury for disbursement.

To prevent Darkon from losing physical coins, participant should turn their coins into the Banker of Darkon at the end of each event. The Banker will then place them into the participant’s account. Alternatively participants may take their coins with them, but they are encouraged to have at least 50% of their wealth with them at all times.

Darkon money comes in various colors: black coins, red coins, gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins. Countries may wish to purchase their own currency. To do so, they must chose the specifications, including design, color, and monetary value, and propose it to Senate for approval. If approved, the country must deduct the monetary value of their country Coins produced from their coffers. For example, a country has created a red Merc Mark valued at 23 silver pieces each. If they created 1,000 of these coins, 23,000 silver pieces would be deducted from that country’s coffers.
Approved Coins:

Copper Pieces – these are minted by Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. and are copper in color.
Silver Pieces – these are minted by Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. and are silver in color.
Gold Pieces– these are minted by Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. and are gold in color.
Merc Marks – these were minted by a country and are red in color.
Province Pieces – these were minted by a country and are black in color.

Monetary conversions are as follows:
10 Copper Pieces (CP) = 1 Silver Pieces (SP)
10 Silver Pieces = 1 Gold Piece (GP)
23 Silver Pieces = 1 Merc Mark
500 Silver Pieces = 1 Province Piece”


Currently many of the rules for coins are mere suggestions, none of which are rules besides actual metric values of coins for trade. The monetary standard in the rule books is silver however Darkon no longer even prints silver, let alone even use it for much trade; everything is done in gold standard or higher ( province pieces etc. ). Countries have accumulated so much gold that any price to be paid, prizes in coin, loot from adventures, or that stolen by thieves, are rendered negligible to their members on a personal level. Even still, personal coin while suggested to be carried by the rules, is not; thus making both looting by thieves (even any character) in the game, as well as death much more stagnant and even more of a non-issue.
The idea of this proposal would be to make gold more useful as a trading commodity, useful to both carry and to loot, prizes in dungeons and adventure mods, and even during day events during special events or even battles as a prize for winning ( perhaps the country winning a country battle or a caravan battle ). Gold would be useful during adventures to purchase useful adventure items, gain information, NPC in mods etc. enhancing the creativity of the groups running adventures. Players carrying gold to help with adventures also makes death a higher price to pay as you have the possibility of losing your prize if your group is felled in battle and you are looted.

This proposal is not to force players to carry their now more important coin however, it is to reward players for carrying it instead. Suggestions such as “players are encouraged to carry 50% of personal coin” should be removed and replaced with something such as “players should carry personal coin as any situation that promotes its use could arise even during day battles.

This proposal will keep current metrics of physical coin the same, so countries that have made custom coins or those in the future will not be affected.

Proposal: (The base)
Darkon’s coin system will be split from its current system into two separate systems; a personal coin system and a country coffer used for the Darkon land map. Because the purpose is to increase the value of personal coin, Darkon members will no longer be able to convert coin from their country coffers to personal coffers at a 1:1 ratio. Country coffers will be changed to a new precious metal base and players
The personal coin system will be used for all items on an individual level. This includes but not limited to individual trade, potions, scrolls, poisons, tavern, NPC interactions etc. The personal coin system will be changed with the removal of copper coins as it is obsolete and keep silver listed as a small currency and keep silver as a base. The metrics will not be changed (10 silver will still be equal to 1 gold) and all rulebook values shall remain the same for simplicity.
The country coffers will be altered slightly as their purpose will be solely for country actions on the land map. Building structures and boats, searching new lands, war actions, and trade between nations will be the actions for country gains from their land. The country coffers will be converted to a new metric known as Resources as a base. This will be converted at a 1:1 ratio and replaced in the rulebook each instance of silver when referencing country land actions.

Silver = 1
Gold ( Base ) = 10
Merc Mark (annoying!) = 23
Province Piece = 500

Resource = 1

Mercenaries are a large part of Darkon and fall in sort of a middle category between personal and country action. Money may be paid between the two participants in either form however it must stay in its form of payment. Any country may transfer funds directly to another country’s coffers with Resources. or any person may use personal funds to give money to another player in silver/gold. You cannot pay another player with country currency or vice versa.
New Metric Proposed

It is suggested that due to inflation all potions, scrolls, and poisons be changed to a gold value and raised in price. Suggested price is 10x current rulebook values to make them more precious.
There is a Current incoming proposal for P/P/S is to increase 10 fold the cost.

Transfer system: All players with hard currency keep their physical coin. All digital accounts are combined into country resources. ( I.E. Players digital accounts are put directly into their respective country coffers and are now considered resources.

Line Items:

Line Item 1:
Assets are land components that add value to a countries land producing additional money each season. This proposal would add personal value to each village that each season a country could give to their members. Countries can role play this however they choose but could include a member of their country owning an asset and gaining person benefit or spread the wealth among their members equally.

Village: This is a small Settlement that produces 100 Resources pieces per season. Each season a village also produces 10 silver in personal funds.

Town: This is a medium sized Settlement that produces 250 Resources pieces per season. Each season a town also produces 25 silver in personal funds.

City: This is the largest of Settlements, producing 500 Resources pieces per season. Each season a City also produces 50 silver in personal funds.

These funds must be collected the first event after the new season begins by the country owning the structure. Countries might decide certain individuals own a structure, however that is for them to coordinate and distribute amongst themselves.

Line Item 2: –

During land actions players may acquire additional personal coin as spoils of their battle. (Added to Land Wars and Land searches.)
In the event of winning a land search players still alive may collect personal gold from fallen monsters.

(Monster chart would require change to reflect a small monetary value to encounters based on difficulty of the encounter.)
Soldiers carry coin. At the end of a land war Based on the number of members fighting on the field a value would be placed as personal coin gained by the winning country. (Metric subject to value based on impact.)
Land marshal should have sufficient coin to give prizes from Darkon coffers controlled by the coin marshal.
Darkon should have a constant coin flow back and forth between members as well as the club, these coin prizes are encouraged to be brought back out to the game and used for club adventures and trade.

(Additional line items for the future possible, Caravan battles as part of land actions anyone?)
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Re: Darkon Coin Proposal - Discuss

Post by Snudge » 2013-12-27

You don't list what the ratio of conversion from resources to coin would actually be and if you are going to propose this you need to add that.

Now to why I HATE this proposal

My main problem is that it screws players who earn physical coin, but hand it back into the coin marshal and/or the bankers for the good of the game. We accept a writ in its place and make a ledger entries in regards to how much we've given back. we've been doing this for years, how do you propose to compensate players like us, who for the good of the game give their coin back? All we have is some spending money and a record of how much we're actually worth.

I appreciate what you are trying to do, but speaking as the official banker of darkon this is a terrible, terrible idea. There are currently 51 accounts on the books of the bank, that is 51 players that I assure you the game doesn't have the coin to reimburse. Some of whom are not in countries and thus have no coffers to roll the cash into. Sorry man, but I'm opposed, and I cannot think of a solution to this issue either
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Re: Darkon Coin Proposal - Discuss

Post by DrSquirrel » 2013-12-27

I agree and stand with Snudge on this
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Re: Darkon Coin Proposal - Discuss

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-12-27

Just brain storming a few ideas to get gold back.

1. At the first campout/adventure of each year players are encouraged to bring/send gold back to the bank. For each mark returned, 1 mark will be credited to their personal account and 1 mark credited to their country. If player is not part of a country, the additional mark is credited to their personal account.

2. Large transactions(those in excess of a reasonable amount that can be carried or over 50 province pieces) between countries are conducted through the creation and distribution of promisary notes or bearer bonds. These items when turned into the bank will facilitate a transfer of currency between country accounts.

3. In game items with prices goverened by Darkon have their prices adjusted to accomodate the currnet level of physical coin available to the bank of Darkon. In game items can only be bought with physical currency.

4. All transactions involving Darkon currency are in character transactions and should be conducted as such. Even if an amount is promised outside of an event between members, the actuall exchange must be done at an event involving actuall currency. IE. I contract with bloody axe to raid ships for a year at a cost of 3000 silver pieces. Before the amount can be transferred, I must withdraw 6 province pieces and physically walk it over to bloody axe for the transfer to be considered complete. This must be done in character meaning I am open to attack during the transfer and should probably plan ahead and have body guards with me.)

5. Allow players to purchase their own coin. Coin is minted an used for Darkon purposes with the expectation that at anytime the player who purchased the coin can withdraw up to 45% of the physical coin he/she purchased per event.

6. Create an intern position at the Darkon wargaming club for a economics major. Advertise this position as a "Sandbox environment" in which the applicant can better understand and apply their focus.

7. Create a new stamp which the banker controls. Are hard currency is given the stamp. After one year any currency that does not have the stamp is worthless. Turning in hard currency during that year will credit the country/personal account and the currency will be stamped and redistributed. Each year a new stamp is made.

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Re: Darkon Coin Proposal - Discuss

Post by Snudge » 2013-12-30

The game already allows us to mint our own coins for countries, you just need to get it approved. The hard part to that is the cost associated with doing so, because you foot the bill. Not the game.
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