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Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-06-16
by Guy The Bloodied
Proposal: Make the follwing changes to the Monk Unarmed Fighting Rule (changes in Bold):

Also at 1st rank, the Monk gains the skill of unarmed fighting. As a representation of unarmed fighting skill, the player uses two minimum length bars (12" length blade + 6" handle) covered in orange fabric.  These do Yellow damage, and may have Yellow stab tips.  At no time may a player use the skill of unarmed fighting without such a bar.

The monk is considered unarmed for roleplaying purposes and may be use this ability at any time. This includes climbing, swimming or swinging on ropes. However, any time a monk drops an unarmed bar (either from being disarmed by another player or accidentally dropping the bar) the monk immediately takes a light wound to that arm regardless of Iron or Leather skin. This represents a monk’s hand having been broken or badly damaged

Reasoning: Honestly, as it stands there is zero incentive for a monk to use their unarmed ability in combat. This change actually gives the class an advantage when using these low damage weapons, and comes with a price (lose your bar, lose your limb). Now if your initial reaction is “A CLASS THAT CAN ATTACK WHILE CLIMBING/SWIMMING?? THAT’S BROKEN! HERESY!! RAGGLE RAGGLE!”, please allow me to put this in perspective: Remember that a monk climbing the wall or swimming your way in this situation is doing so with two minimum length yellow bars, not to mention the monk will be crawling (as per the rules of climbing walls and swimming). Also remember that the monk will not be able to attack a player within a keep/boat until they are within physical reach of that player (and in the case of walls, able to physically reach over the wall) so the primary advantage is not in a monks offensive capability, but their ability to defend against incoming attacks while climbing/swimming. If anyone thinks this is overpowered, please explain why so I can fix it.

Tl;dr: A monk may now use their unarmed attack while climbing or swimming, but if they are disarmed they take a light wound to that limb no matter what

Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-06-19
by shroom2021
I like the unarmed ability for monks, but I disagree with the light wound taken when a monk drops his bar. Would this effected arm still be protected by the monks skin or will a follow up strike to the lightly wounded arm cause a mortal wound?
If it is still protected by the skin, this could be a point of contention as it would give the appearance of the player not taking what would normally be a mortal wound. If it is no longer protected by the skin, it serves to undermine the skin armour that monks have been enjoying.

I think it would be better phrased as such:
"However, any time a monk drops an unarmed bar (either from being disarmed by another player or accidentally dropping the bar) the monk may no longer use the hand that dropped the bar to hold anything. This represents a monk's hand having been broken or badly damaged."

That phrasing puts the ownus on Monks to honor the rule and not pick their bar back up, doesn't effect their skin ability, and does not chance the perception of rhino hiding.

Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-06-19
by Guy The Bloodied
To answer your question: Upon losing the bar in any way, the monk would take a light wound to that arm and loses the leatherskin on that arm. BUT keep in mind that the monk still has ironskin after taking the wound and may still use it at any time (as per the rules).

Honestly, I LIKE that it undermines the leatherskin. The point of Monk Hands was to add a roleplaying element to the class, and these changes drive home the idea that fighting with your bare hands is a risky endeavor.

Also consider how rarely someone actively tries to disarm another player. With this change, other players would actually be encouraged to initiate grapples with a monk and try to break (disarm) their hands. Bottom line is, if this ability works the way I think it should (usable while climbing and swimming), there needs to be an element of risk that the monk is willing to take. In essence, this rule actually requires the monk to rely on their ability to keep themselves alive through fighting skill instead of using imaginary armor as a crutch.

Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-07-05
by Noctis
I definitely like this idea. Right now, all Monk Unarmed bars are really good for, are as an emergency back up weapon, or to remain armed inside areas of the event field where weapons are prohibited.

EDIT: After reading some more opinions on the "Drop/taken=Wounded" aspect, I have decided to change my opinion, and say drop that part, or change it.

Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-07-07
by Inox
Dropping & being injured is a bad idea. The bars are supposed to be a benefit, not a penalty. Having to risk a light wound for dropping a weapon is a terrible risk, and would encourage people to swing extra hard at the tiny weapons, hoping for a disarm.

Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

Posted: 2014-07-09
by mtaylor
I don't like the idea of somebody stumbling or fumbling and dropping a bar being injured even though not in combat. I saw it happen a couple of times at Bellum where a monk dropped their bar outside of combat. Heck I have seen, and done myself, folk drop a weapon while sheathing it. It would be stupid for a monk tucking their bar in their belt say before drawing a different weapon to self injure because they dropped it in the process.