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New Class: Saboteur

Posted: 2015-05-20
by Astrid Astrug
A technical combatant, the saboteur is skilled with explosives and knows how to get in and out of dangerous environments without being detected. This is a physical technical class that deals with creation and destruction of items while having use of bombs and electricity to sabotage the enemy. Since it is physical technical class, the saboteur is unable to detect magical objects or have any affect on them.

Requirements: Trinket resembling mechanical device, bomb, or electricity.

Weapons: Crossbow, Bow, one handed club or hammer, dagger, javelin, bar, white glaive, short spear, shield smaller than 24 inches, single buckler.



1 Light / Explode Lock
2 Detect and Disable Physical Traps
3 Disguise
5 Destroy Target
7 Create Trap
8 Armour Suit
9 Decypher Text
10 Grenade
25 Build Bridge


Explode lock - This ability allows the Saboteur to open or destroy locks. The Saboteur must role play affixing an explosive to the lock, back away 5 feet from the item, and hold out their trinket to destroy the lock.
At 4th-10th rank, the Saboteur may open a non-magical lock in 20 seconds.
At 11th-19th rank, the Thief may open a non-magical lock in 15 seconds.
At 20th rank, Saboteur may open a non-magical lock in 10 seconds

Detect and Disable physical traps - This ability allows the detection and removal or physical traps.
The Saboteur must hold out their Trinket in an outstretched hand when using this ability, and should always inform an Elder prior to its use.

Rank 2-10 Can detect and disable small physical traps such as poison needles, trapdoors, etc.
Rank 11 and above - Can detect larger, full room traps, which may include even incidental things such as a tunnel near collapse.

Disguise - Same as Thief

Destroy Target - This ability allows the Saboteur to target walls, doors, bridges, and siege weapons, then destroying them.

Must role play for 30 seconds applying explosives to the target, then move away at least 10 feet before detonating.

Create Trap - This ability allows the Saboteur to create two different traps.

Mine - explosion doing aoe damage to those around whoever stepped on it.

Frost Trap - Root.

Poison Trap - Poisons the target.

Must roleplay for 30 seconds applying trap to certain area, then leave black cloth, minimum dimensions of 12” x 1” at trap location. Trap will be set off with person is within 1” of trap.

Rank 7-12 May have 1 trap active
Rank 13-20 May have 2 traps active, but not of same type.
Rank 21 and above. May have 3 traps active, but not of same type.

Armour Suit - With the advancement of technical expertise, the Saboteur has learned to develop armour enhancements, thus enabling additional damage to be taken by the target. +AC1 to target. Only one target may have Armour Suit on at a time.

Decypher Text - Allows the Saboteur to translate languages other than the common Darkonian tongue.
This understanding is generally plain language only; it does not automatically solve any puzzles or riddles, or uncover hidden meanings. However, if something is labelled as a cipher, it will allow decoding of said message.

Must roleplay studying the language for 30 seconds.

Grenade - Miniature Mage Fireball. No AOE, kills only the person hit.

Build Bridge - Saboteur is able to develop bridges to assist in crossing small bodies of water or cliff. Anyone, friend or foe, is able to use bridge until it is destroyed.

For land search, used to cross up to 3 tiles of water or a cliff.

For adventure, used to cross bodies of water that otherwise required boats. Bridge can be destroyed by Destroy Target, Warpwood, Grenade, or Fireball spells.

Re: New Class: Saboteur

Posted: 2015-05-21
by fingers630
Be sure you find 2 people willing to Co Sign the proposal before submitting. Anything that cannot get 2 cosigners will most likely not come close to passing senate.

Re: New Class: Saboteur

Posted: 2015-05-21
by Astrid Astrug
Already got that taken care of. Foxglove and Fyre have agreed to cosign.

Re: New Class: Saboteur

Posted: 2015-05-26
by Thrush Svartehjertet
I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this fits into the Medieval Fantasy realm that Darkon plays in. This seems Steampunk ish as all hell to me, which is something the game has actively tried to keep out. I dunno... I think of most of these games (Darkon/Dagorhir/Whatever as being more Tolkein and D&D, which your proposed class just doesnt seem to fit in at all.

Just an observation. I'm just a fighter, I'll hit anyone put in front of me, no matter the class, I don't get a choice.