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kings crown

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-10-22

I just noticed the kings crown post in the proposal section - which i did not see any cosigners nor any discussion on. Nor is there an ability to comment there on it.

So my thoughts on it are that I do not like the idea of giving anyone (even the king) armor for not wearing armor. Cool idea but I think with the corination ability stacking that would give the true king plate head armor while wearing the crown and anyone else studded while wearing it in addition any class that has head band armor to begin with could up that armor to plate giving a huge advantage to those that already get the benifits of armor without wearing armor.

As a player that possibility one day may be king I do not want such an ability - do not want such an armor - nor want to wear a cheesy foam burger king crown :) - but hey thats me :)

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Sir Aethilgar
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Re: kings crown

Post by Sir Aethilgar » 2012-10-22

I was against it until the thought of seeing Darkoni Kings wearing foam Burger-King crowns flashed through my mind.... now I'm tempted.
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Re: kings crown

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-10-22

I don't think I want to see anymore types of headband armor either way

HRH Malkin
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King’s Crown (relic) & Coronation (Ability)

Post by HRH Malkin » 2012-10-23

Yeah I posted this to the wrong place.

In answer to the issues people are bring up...
First off the head band armor would apply AT MOST to two people (King/Queen of Darkon).

With plastidip, I imagine some folks could make a decent looking crown, without making it too burger-king-ish... but seriously folks... the broach is silly looking, So is the big round green shield... in fact just about all the Darkon relics, being big bulky and green, are kind of "burger-king-ish" in their silliness. Adding one more isn't going to tip any scale.

The attempt was to make the crown desireable to use, not just by the king, but by anyone. Allowing A SINGLE PERSON to have a couple extra hits (only to the head) is hardly a game balance issue and could add a ton of role-play to any event where the King's forces are attempting to find the crown (it's much like the banner idea... but would actually be out on the field, due it a relics marshall and the fact it is usefull in combat, unlike a banner).

And like I stated in italics, King's are going to wear plate helms normally... so this isn't giving them anything they wouldn't normally have, in fact, if the crown was stolen, they'd essentially be at half strength (to the head, at least) while the crown was away... The headband was simply a way to mitigate total loss of head armor when the crown was stolen.

The idea behind this is to have an actual loot-able crown in play at any Darkon event where the king is present, giving a focal point for thieves and forces against the King… Those forces loyal to the crown would of course, at every opportunity, ensure the crown finds its way back to the King. The King may reward those who return the crown and make attempts to punish those countries or persons who steal the crown. The idea behind this relic would be to facilitate further role-play in the realm.

So that said, here's the proposal (Maybe John or someone could dump it from the actual proposal list):

The Crown of Darkon:
The Crown of Darkon is a magical relic/crown which protects the wearer’s head from two melee type hits (i.e. 2 whites/yellows, or one black/red damaging attack). The crown may be worn and used by any class. This relic may be recharged by the King/Queen him/herself, (30 second medication, per hit). Also the crown may be recharged fully by any mend armor spell (or ability) and/or a recharge item spell. The crown may not be used in conjunction with any helmet armor, but can be used in conjunction with headband armors or armor abilities. The crown is loot-able, although the crown will always start (i.e. at the beginning of each event) in possession of the King/Queen of Darkon. If the King (or Queen) is not present at an event, the crown will not be in play (unless specifically ask for by the country running the event).

The crown will be made of foam, it should be colored green (or have relic green highlights) so as to be distinguished as a relic in the game and should be made to fit any head (with either an elastic band, Velcro, or the like).

Note: As it stands, every King of the realm has always worn a plate helm in combat (Tarim, Keldar, Slindar, and if he wins the crown war… Cailen) . That said, each King would normally be wearing an “un-steal-able” plate helmet in the game. As such, a steal-able crown would be very large annoyance to any King, because every time the King’s forces were bested, the king would likely lose the crown to the force that beat his...forcing him to go back and get his plate helm to take the place of the stolen crown. Then when he does get the crown back, now he has to deal with his plate helm, or not wear the crown. Such an annoying mechanism might simply push any King to simply wear their plate helm, at all times, in favor of a steal-able crown. As such, this “coronation ability” is proposed to mitigate these annoyances and allow the King some leeway for wearing the crown, in combat, in lieu of and armored helmet. Note: By this proposed rule, any King would always have the option to forego the crown and coronation ability in lieu of their own head armor, if they desire to do so… but this ability is proposed in attempts to facilitate the wearing and play of the crown.

Coronation Ability:
The King /Queen of Darkon gains the “coronation” ability. This ability is given solely to the true King/Queen of Darkon (as denoted by the rule book) and may be used only upon his/her person. This ability will be denoted by a gold headband with a crown symbol and will protect the wearer from two melee type hits to the head (either two white/yellow, or one black/red damaging attack). This ability may be recharged by the king similar to the Monk’s meditation ability (30 second meditation per hit, no reduction, and no spell points are necessary) and may be used in conjunction with the Crown of Darkon (i.e. this ability may not be used in conjunction with any other head armor, other than the crown of Darkon. Any other magical armors or armor abilities, upon the King/Queen's person, are negated by the use of the coronation ability).

Note also: This ability may even facilitate a royal wedding/marriage . If this happens, both the King & Queen of Darkon would gain the coronation ability and the capacity to use the Crown of Darkon, as long as they reign.

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