Fighter Ability: Shield Breaking

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Re: Fighter Ability: Shield Breaking

Post by Sir Caetrel » 2012-10-31

There is no reason to denote shieldbreaking with garb accessories. There is too much of that in game as it is.

SB exists in game now and we have no sash/ band for it. Calling SB 1, SB 2 etc... is enough. In fact, it is better than a worn token, because it is actual real, live *gasp* communication between combatants.

Right now if you break a shield, it is with a scruffy green mace, a scruffy green 1 handed axe, or a big weird-ass 2 handed hatchet looking thing. In all these cases, no one knows WTF is hitting their shield unless the wielder calls "Shieldbreak One!".

Simplicity wins in this situation.

ps- I am all for fighter/ cav/ possibly ranger SB ability. Any 2-handed weapon over 6 ft. in length, 3 hits breaks a shield, 2 hits break a buckler, mage shields should be indestructable IMO. Black glaives should totally break shields.
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Re: Fighter Ability: Shield Breaking

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-11-01

[quote="HRH Malkin]

To put it a different way... Why should we wear surcoats, or wear armbands when armor is hidden? These are mechanics that we force to be visible... yet for some reason people seem to feel that knowing the guy can break your shield should be a secret...? That logic makes zero sense to me.

This also prevents the cheese of dressing up like your mage character but atcually playing a fighter... just so you can get the jump on folks.


I agree, we shouldn't have to wear an armband when out armor is hidden. That is something we all should be allowed to do. Logically why should I want to display to my opponent where the gaps in my armor are?

It's not a secret that people can break your shield. If I want to as a fighter dress up like a mage and drop my armor to do so I am giving up a lot of extra hits for a quick and temporary advantage that will probably only work once. How is that cheesy? Seems like a fine idea to allow people to be somewhat unpredictable on the field. Why not make everyone staple large cardboard character sheets to their chest with their character class/level/abilities/and current spell points written in big shiny letters so that every person you face will immediately be an open book to you?

But I digress....

We don't need any new symbols/clothing items to symbolize something that is immediately apparent when you see the type of weapon. Sure we are asking for this to be a fighters ability, but the weapon itself still hints of the possibility of shield break. If you see the weapon coming towards you, assume they can shieldbreak until proven wrong. Just like our hits system. If you see a guy in lots of armor keep hitting him until he falls down and stays down, don't assume that because you think his armor is ar1 that its not just studded leather or the other way around.

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