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Land Rules

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-11-28

I am still an advocate of throwing out the land rules and starting over. Something like a single nation with various regions controlled by militia’s that either serve the High King, a noble or themselves depending on preference. Where militia’s can ally themselves to control larger regions against a common foe. Where random encounters occur in controlled areas and who your loyal too effects the percentage of encounters. Where the realm economy is not only based on what you control, but who your allies are and what occurs on paper in coffers does not translate to actual coin. A realm wear controlling land only effects your income and not your ability to participate in other aspects of the game. Where the distance between one are you control and another effects income and chances of losing it to a random encounter...

Steve Messick and I wrote the land rules in 1992. They have gone through 2 revisions and several modifications. I have not seen any improvement in them since 1992, in fact they have gotten more complex without much being added.

I think we need a new system. If anyone is interested in taking this on and want to hear my ideas just let me know.
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Re: Land Rules

Post by Joybringer » 2012-11-28

Once at a campout Selann and I were drinking (No, really! We were!) and got to talking about how it would be cool if there was a random chance that the land could search you, as it were. That is, a random chance on the table that instead of conquering a new hex you'd wind up defending a hex of your own form an orc invasion or similar.

That said, I'd like to hear what you've got. I don't belong to a country, so I don't really care about land, hence might be able to offer a neutral opinion.

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Re: Land Rules

Post by jayjay » 2012-11-28

i'd be willing to help out with this. i don't expect to be out again until burtonsville on the 30th of dec.
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Re: Land Rules

Post by LordTyrantCort » 2012-11-28

JB, I love that idea and that was what I had intended for the world plot to do. Undead army taking land from countries, every event. And some other people and I were talking about the same idea you had.

But back to the OG post, I would be willing to hear any ideas and give them a honest look.
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Re: Land Rules

Post by Ogre Solaris » 2012-11-29

Warlordcort wrote:JB, I love that idea and that was what I had intended for the world plot to do. Undead army taking land from countries, every event. And some other people and I were talking about the same idea you had.

We did steal a hex from every country except AQ that one event where we introduced the invasions, and I believe one or two countries had lost a few over the year to the undead hordes, but having this as a permanent thing would be pretty cool. It would mean countries have to worry not only about each other, but about what monsters or barbarians are currently amassing nearby that may need a new province to call home, and that province happens to be yours.
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Re: Land Rules

Post by fingers630 » 2012-11-29

LOL I suggested the same thing in the other thread about land rules and was working on a "world plot" that would do exactly that, the only questions were:

1. would this be too much of a burden on the LM
2. would countries be interested in this
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