Removing "neutral color" requirements from classes.

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Removing "neutral color" requirements from classes.

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2013-03-23

Right now Druidss "should be garbed in primarily woodland colors" and a Ranger's "costume should primarily consist of neutral/ woodland colors". Neither of this really add anything to the game, and like mage robes before them, subtract from possibilities and force people into specific archetypes instead of skillsets.

In addition, they are rather senseless as these classes are free to wear full-length tabards of any color and have shields of any color.

Example: When I was in Empyrean, I could play my ranger and have to wear green/brown/black/grey garb because I was a RANGER and needed to HIDE IN THE WOODS apparently... But hey, I could wear BRIGHT BLUE all over my torso on my tabard. Ched Nasad has a few rangers that wear long tabards and thus they have bright red all over them. What is the point of forcing those characters to wear specific colors for pants and tunics if they can wear a bright colored tabard with their country colors on it?

It seems like these rules are just the last old hold-overs from back when Darkon classes forced you to look and play a certain way. It's about time we just eliminated them, and finally all classes will generally be allowed to play as whatever they want, but with a specific skillset.

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Re: Removing "neutral color" requirements from classes.

Post by Inox » 2013-03-24

Works for me. Cosign.
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Re: Removing "neutral color" requirements from classes.

Post by mardux zulammar » 2013-03-24

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Re: Removing "neutral color" requirements from classes.

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-03-25

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