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Druids can wear padded armor right?

Posted: 2014-05-14
by MuhammadTheMage
A couple of my friends and I are coming back after about 2 years away from the game, and I see that padded armor is finally in the rule book now (People were discussing proposals for it when I took my break). It looks like it was added recently too since it's in the new rule changes for 2014 section. I thought this would be good for my friend who plays a druid, since he doesn’t have the disposable income to afford full leather armor, but could wear a full gambeson coat and pants instead. But then I noticed that the armor section for druids says that druids are restricted to wearing leather only armor. I’m wondering if this is an oversight, since prior to padded armor, all armor was either metallic or fully leather, and the leather only rule was in place to prevent druids from wearing metallic armor (like in dungeons and dragons). So in a nutshell my question is, are druids able to wear padded armor because it’s non leather, and there was merely an oversight in the recent addition of padded armor?

Re: Druids can wear padded armor right?

Posted: 2014-05-15
by Amazing_Iltztafein
At one point, druids were restricted to armor with no metal, which would be leather. Now that would also be a gambeson. The rules don't support that right now, but that should probably be added. Fiber is pretty natural and comes from plants and animals. No reason this shouldn't be changed.