new player questions

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new player questions

Post by Radby » 2015-01-18


I am completely new to larp, and do not have any guide into this (apart from researching things online), but I have been wanting to get into it for a long time. I hope someone can help point me in the right direction with a few questions:

How much are the membership dues and how does that work? Online? Cash? Check?

The upcoming Bizzaro Adventure event on January 25th in Oregon Ridge, would this be an appropriate event for a new player to attend?

Many thanks,

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Re: new player questions

Post by aidant » 2015-01-18

Generally speaking, dues are $5 per event. I don't know if they take checks. Cash certainly works. Your first event is free.

Bizzarro day is a perfectly fine event to start with,

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Re: new player questions

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2015-01-19

As your first event is free, I see nothing wrong with making a bizzaro day your first... Come ask questions.

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Re: new player questions

Post by fingers630 » 2015-01-20

Pretty sure we don't take checks. Please bring cash.
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Re: new player questions

Post by Radby » 2015-01-21

Thank you everyone. Looking forward to it!

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