A bit more clarity of Lycanthropy

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A bit more clarity of Lycanthropy

Post by IRTame » 2015-01-26

Hello, I'm a fairly new to Darkon and I was looking over some diseases. Lycanthropy caught my eye, but i wanted to know what form it would be. Would it be lycanthropy in the medieval sense (lycanthorpy is a legitimate clinical disease that is said to make the host deemed insane as he's driven to believe he is a wild animal, biting off skin of either him/herself or others. People that contracted this disease would also begin foaming at the mouth and due to their continual acts of cannibalism would be executed or die of another illness contracted from biting another person.), or are we talking in a fantasy sense (people who contact lycanthropy contract it either through the bite/ dna of an animal, or through natural selection becoming a behemoth embodiment of the animal, including but not limited to werewolves, wererats, werebears, werebats, and the list goes on.)?

And also are you able to start off with said disease, or will you have to find a way to contract it via the LARP plot?

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Re: A bit more clarity of Lycanthropy

Post by fingers630 » 2015-01-26

Hello. Diseases are often found as parts of adventures. They do not have set rules per se, but are usually explained by the hosts of said adventures. We do have some players that Roleplay having various afflictions. I have a Wight Fighter character for example. It has no in game effect, however if someone were to throw a Turn Undead spell near me, I would flee the fight briefly.

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