Clarrification regarding the Brooch of Shielding?

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Clarrification regarding the Brooch of Shielding?

Post by Noctis » 2015-05-03

This came up today at the event, by someone asking me out of curiosity. Namely, I was asked about the Brooch's effects versus certain self-generated abilities

Regarding the Brooch of Shielding, The Rules as written makes it clear that the wearer is immune to *all* spells, though at the cost that Healing spells, protective spells/Buffing spells are also blocked, or suppressed while wearing the brooch. and the wearer can not cast spells

The question I was asked, was regarding certain classes more "Supernatural" or "extraordinary" abilities. In the example asked by the questioner who asked me, how would it affect a Monks ability to do the following:

[*]LeatherSkin: It's my understanding, that this is not a spell, but rather an extraordinary ability (seeing as how Dispel does not work against it)
[*]IronSkin: Again, similar issue. Although it's described as having the exact same function of Stoneskin, it's not specifically stated as being a spell, implied rather that again, this is an Extraordinary ability.
[*]Light: This one's easy, it's listed as a spell/spell-like, so I presume it would be suppressed by the Brooch
[*]Meditate: Same to the skins, is this an extraordinary/natural ability, or does this count as "Magical" healing. Also, what about "mending" their Skin armors?
[*]Enchanted Strikes: I want to say this is suppressed, correct?

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Re: Clarrification regarding the Brooch of Shielding?

Post by fingers630 » 2015-05-03

Correct if you are wearing the Brooch, your weapons do normal damage. if you are struck with a magic weapon, it counts as a normal weapon.

You can regen your "skins" as a monk with the brooch.
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