word counts and invocation lines

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mardux zulammar
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word counts and invocation lines

Post by mardux zulammar » 2012-11-03

Just want to make sure of something before I rewrite my spells.

For defensive and utility spells, would the "I, name, invoke spell" count towards the required number of words for a spell?

For example, "...(145 words) I, mardux, invoke release portal"
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Re: word counts and invocation lines

Post by President » 2012-11-03

When the caster is ready to invoke a spell, he says, "I, [Name], invoke [Spell Name]!” and the spell effects will take place. The invocation line of a spell must be shouted and read continuously. It is at the time of invoking a spell that the caster must release any material components the spell requires, such as spell balls. Spell casters may not cast a spell if they are mortally wounded or have a light wound on both arms.

Example: If a Mage is casting Lightning Bolt, which has a required length of at least 150 words and the five word invocation line "I, [Name], invoke Lightning Bolt!" he must read at least 145 words to cast the spell. To invoke the spell, he reads the invocation line and immediately throws the component, a blue spell ball, at his target. If he is interrupted before the spell is considered “cast,” the spell fizzles and he expends 1 spell point. He may then begin casting the spell again, from the beginning. However, if he had been interrupted during the invocation line, with the spell ball still in his possession, the spell effects cause a black wound to his throwing arm.


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