Former Kings??

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Former Kings??

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2012-11-07

This is more of an OOC question, but I'm sure others are wondering:

Since when do Kings revert to anything? Don't they become Archdukes? Or is the reasonong because in the past they actually rose to king, whereas now they can have a Crown War and become a King even if they aren't even a Baron? If they are ousted or step down as King, they go back to their original rank?

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Re: Former Kings??

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-11-07

It is all laid out in the rule book

1. If you are a prince before you become king then you revery to arch duke when ever you loose the rulership
2. If you are not a prince when you become king then you revert to your old rank
3. every year you remain king you go up one rank title if you were not a prince before you became king if you were a prince you never go back to prince but become an arch duke

in the noble section of the rule book hope that helps
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Re: Former Kings??

Post by President » 2012-11-07

Previous to the current rule-set none of this was an issue...a person worked his way up to High King.

Now, even a lowly Knight can be High King without having to pass the rigors of the other titles. When they are done they have a new title. Thus, it is possible to have a Baron who was High King...or a Duke, or any of the titles.

As for what rank they go up ONE title each full year of being High King. Take the throne as a Knight and hold it for 2.0 - 2.99 years, you are an Earl when you lose it. Start as a Duke and hold it for 3 years, your are a Prince.

Note - You ONLY get Arch Duke when you RECEIVE the Crown while a Prince.

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