Stance on Hay Bail Walls

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Re: Stance on Hay Bail Walls

Post by Arion_Lightseeker » 2013-09-07

Make battering rams. I saw an Amtgard one just recently. Have person(s) be the castle gates. A battering ram is an oversized spear that takes 3 people to carry with alot of foam on the end.

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Re: Stance on Hay Bail Walls

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2013-09-08

Make gates harder to destroy but not mendable. Keeping them as is without mending makes a structure useless. One hit from a siege weapon (could happen at lay-on) and then there was little point in even setting it up to begin with.

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Re: Stance on Hay Bail Walls

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-09-08

We do have battering Rams.
Pretty sure if you take a spear or any long stick with at least X number of people holding it with one hand it becomes a ram. After three hefty swings the gate is battered down.

The Orcs and I did this to Exsilium during a campout, shortly before dying horribly ;)


Re: Stance on Hay Bail Walls

Post by MOD_Gnosis » 2013-12-04

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