Question concerning shields.

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Question concerning shields.

Post by Snojoo » 2013-07-07

Around the beginning of 2014 I'll be moving close to Baltimore and I'd like to get into some more cross-gaming. I've been reading up on the rules a little bit and I just want make sure I'm correct on this. All shields in Darkon must have a wooden core correct? I use all foam shields currently and that's why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: Question concerning shields.

Post by President » 2013-07-07

Yes, they all require a wooden core

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Re: Question concerning shields.

Post by Kai Firebrand » 2013-07-07

1/2 inch wood core for shields, 1/4 for bucklers. there can be up to 6 inches from core to the edge of the shield
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