Senate Meeting 1/26/14

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Senate Meeting 1/26/14

Post by Baroness Keira » 2014-01-16

I will be holding a Senate meeting on 1/26. I do not anticipate that this will be a long meeting. I require feedback from the Senate on a number of items. If anyone has any proposals to present at this meeting to be voted upon at the next meeting, please bring them in person or email them to me no later than 1/25.

I also have two items that require immediate attention. Our friends in other places who wish to sestablish darkon chapters have waited more than long enough. I will have a chapters agreement on the floor at this meeting. I will be presenting a potential bylaws change on the timing of the submission of noble petitions.

I will be presenting my policy and format expectations for proposals and voting this year at this meeting. Everyone wants to be somewhere other than senate, so I won't keep you long.


Attendance Check
Intro to this year's goals
Intro to this year's format for Senate
Proposed Bylaw change (re: Petitons)
Chapters Proposal
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