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Javelin of Lightning modification

Posted: 2014-02-24
by Amazing_Iltztafein
The Javelin of Lightning isn't very relic-y. We have an arrow that kills people instantly, a staff that can do black damage three times, a sword that does 3 points of damage... And a javelin that ... isn't even as powerful as a regular javelin if it hits someone's armor?

What I've noticed is that people often open themselves up and let it hit their armor, which makes it kinda meh. It does the same damage to 3 & 4 point armor as a regular javelin, but is less effective than a regular javelin vs 2 pt armor.

Change JoL text to (changed sentence in bold):

Javelin of Lightning
The Javelin of Lightning is a javelin that dates back to the early years of the Skydwellers when the Realm of Darkon was still in its
infancy. The Javelin is a throwing weapon only, and cannot be used for stabbing in melee combat. When thrown, the Javelin acts like a lightning rod. Once it strikes its intended target, it does magic red damage as if it were an enchanted javelin, then immediately calls down lightning and does a lightning bolt attack (as per the spell). It cannot be caught or deflected. If the Javelin is thrown and misses its target, or strikes in any
manner other than a legal javelin hit, it is still charged. If the Javelin is thrown and connects with its target, it expels its charge and is
considered consumed by the reaction and may not be used as a normal Javelin. The Javelin can be recharged by a Mage, in Hades, or
at the discretion of an Elder.

Co-signers: Thom Hitz, Christopher Murphy, Sergio Saenz