Merc Marks

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Cole McCrae
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Merc Marks

Post by Cole McCrae » 2014-09-15

Proposal to Create Merc or Raven Marks
Intent: To update the value of dead currency and create new coin to bolster the in-game economy. (Bloody Axe will be minting the new Merc/Raven marks ourselves at our own expense)

Voting item 1: Replace 23 Silver Pieces = 1 Merc Mark WITH 250 Silver Pieces = 1 Merc Mark under the monetary conversion table.

Voting item 2 (should item 1 not pass): Add “Raven Marks- These were minted by a country, are red in color and feature a two headed raven holding crossed axes on the back side” to the approved coins section and add 250 Silver Pieces = 1 Raven Mark to the monetary conversion section

Sir Wulfvin of Asaheim
Deadsmell of The Black Hand

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