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Roads Rules Updated

Post by Saris Fey-Branche » 2015-01-08

Cosigned by - Chris Murphy (Chosen Blood), Sergio Saenz (Black Hand)

Replace "Roads", "Collection of Country Income" and "Creation of Armies" sections of rules with the following text:


Roads cost 100 silver per hex per season in maintenance with an initial cost of 100 silver per hex. They can be built concurrently with boats, structures or settlements. A section of road takes one event to build and is defined as connecting one land hex owned by the creating country to an adjacent land hex owned by the creating country. All land hexes adjacent to sea hexes are considered connected by road to other land hexes adjacent to sea hexes where there is an unbroken chain of sea hexes between them for the purposes of “Collection of Country Income” and “Creation of Armies”.

Collection of Country Income

Countries can only collect the income from hexes that are near settlements and said settlements are connected to a country’s capital by roads. Villages would collect the income from all bordering hexes, towns do so at a two hex radius and cities at a three hex radius.

Creation of Armies

Countries have only two methods of spawning armies:
-Countries may create army markers from hexes near structures where said structures are connected to a country’s capital by roads. Towers can spawn armies in all bordering hexes, keeps in a two hex radius and castles in a three hex radius.
-Alternately, a country may create an army within the radius of a structure as defined above if said structure is within the radius of a settlement as defined under “Collection of Country Income”. In this case neither the settlement nor the structure need be connected to the country’s capital by roads.

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