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Assassin Revamp

Post by Snudge » 2015-02-14

Assassins are characters who train to be professional killers & masters of disguise. An Assassin has the same restrictions on armor, weapons, shields and costumes as the Thief, except the Assassin must carry a piece of 12" by 12” black cloth as a symbol of his character type in lieu of a skeleton key.

At 1st rank, all Assassins may use the adventure‐only skill ‘Disguise,’ exactly as described for Thieves.
At 2nd rank, Assassins gain the ability to ‘Climb Walls,’ exactly as described for Thieves.
At 3rd rank, Assassins gain the ability to ‘Backstab,’ exactly as described for Thieves.
At 4th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Interrogation’ exactly as described for Assassins currently.
At 5th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Assassinate’
An Assassin may be commissioned to ‘Assassinate’ another character during adventures. Assassinations are the only means of removing another character from an adventure for longer than the normal 12 minutes allowed for death.To perform an assassination, an Assassin must first obtain a Writ of Assassination.

A Writ may only be obtained from Guildmasters of the Assassin’s Guilds. The Assassin must obtain a Writ with the character name of the victim to be assassinated and the mark of the Assassin Guildmaster. A Writ is only valid for the event during which it is written. Once the Writ is obtained, the Assassin is free to assassinate his victim.

An assassination can only be performed with a dagger, an arrow, or by poison. The Assassin must strike his victim with a blow that would cause at least a mortal wound. Once the assassination is performed, the Writ must be left with the victim. If the assassination is performed with an arrow, the Writ must be tied to the shaft of the arrow.

Assassinations may also be performed with death class poison (see Poison in Chapter Seven); however, the Writ must still be left with the victim. An Assassin may never perform an assassination on themselves, furthermore all participants must recognize this ability is not to be used as a way to change characters during an event, nor prevent further assassinations. Such conduct is considered against the spirit of the game. All rules regarding Resurrection apply to assassination victims.
Any assassinated character may not return to play for 6 hours during a campout or 2 hours during a day event unless resurrected through magical means.

Assassinated participants are permitted to play any other of their characters, a 1st rank character of their current class or a 1st rank Fighter, for the duration of the assassination

At 6th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Make Poison’ exactly as described for Thieves.
At 7th rank, Assassins gain the ability to ‘Detect Disguise’ exactly as described for Thieves
At 10th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Guild Master Eligibility’
At 10th rank, Assassins gain the ability 'Personal Writ'
At 15th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Improved Disguise’
At 25th rank, Assassins gain the ability ‘Improved Personal Writ'

-Personal Writ allows the assassin to obtain one writ without the use of a guildmaster. Only the assassin obtaining the writ may use it & it cannot be transferred to another character. The writ will be dated & is only useable at the event it was written. Writs of this sort can be obtained from the Magistrate, Poison Potion/Scroll Marshall or an approved event elder.
-Improved disguise allows the assassin to use their abilities while using the disguise skill.
-Improved Personal Writ adds last rites to the personal writ
-Assassination lasts 6 hours for a campout & 2 hours for a day event
-Players cannot be assassinated more than once per adventure

To become a Guildmaster for a country, an Assassin must assassinate an existing Guildmaster per the normal rules for assassinations in order to inherit his Guild. Alternatively, Guildmasters may freely transfer their Guild to another Assassin participant, provided both the Guildmaster and the Assassin are checked in at the event. A Guild may only transfer in this latter manner once per event, and must otherwise change hands via Assassination. As with the rule above regarding changing characters, willingly being Assassinated to transfer the Guildmaster status is also considered against the spirit of the game.

Every country is entitled to an assassins guild, but is not required to have a guildmaster. If the guildmaster is assassinated by a non country member that country's guild may not write writs for 6 hours. Country guilds may not write writs for members of their own country. The Magistrate must be informed if a country has an active guild & the identity of the guildmaster.

Improved disguise would let an assassin use a 36' shield and AC3, while retaining their skills

Ryan Hurd (Karsis)
Nathaniel Maynard (Cog)

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