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Credit Transfer Proposal

Post by FyreJennPhoto » 2015-04-29

I had an idea for a proposal, and was instructed by Inox & Fingers to submit it here.

Proposal Idea: Credit Transfer

*Credits can be transferred from 1 class to another existing class. $1 per 1 credit transferred (Ex: 30 credits = $30.)

*Credit limit is players current cap; you cannot transfer more than you have. Additionally, you can't transfer more into a class than you already have in that class.

*Only 1 "bulk transfer" a year. "Bulk transfers" can only be utilized for ONE class, and cannot be split between classes. (Ex: 30 credits cannot go 15 into Ranger & 15 into Assassin.) Once a player has used their Bulk Transfer, they can only transfer credits per $1/1 event (as per current rule.) No transaction limit placed on $1 per 1 credit per 1 event transfer.

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