Proposal to remove headbands & capes as mandatory

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Proposal to remove headbands & capes as mandatory

Post by Inox » 2015-05-19

Proposal to remove headbands & capes as mandatory

Cosigner: Nick Seniura & Michael McDuffee


Headbands used for spell effects must be visible at all times; headbands must be at least 1” wide. The headband is put on only after the spell is completed. When a headband calls for a circle, it can be a circle or a dot. No customization.

Cloaks used as spell components must hang correctly on the target, and be at least 2’ by 3’ in size.


Remove the above, remove any reference to ‘cape’ or ‘headband’ in spell descriptions and replace with ‘strip of cloth at least 3” wide by 12” long’ –also append ‘This must be worn visibly.
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