Nov 1st - Noble Council Bylaws Change

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Nov 1st - Noble Council Bylaws Change

Post by Inox » 2015-10-19

The following sections are to be removed:

14. The Council shall meet quarterly or as business dictates. Unless otherwise specified in this Article all votes are a majority of those present.

15. A quorum is met when fifty percent of the active Knights of the Realm are in attendance. A Knight of the Realm may declare themselves inactive at any time, and the Council may declare a Knight of the Realm inactive if they have not attended a scheduled meeting in 12 months. Executive Board members are not counted against quorum.

16. Inactive Knights of the Realm may not vote on the Council, do not count towards quorum of the Council, and may not act as Marshals unless specifically appointed by the Council.

17. To become active a Knight of the Realm they must attend 1 Council meeting as a non- voting member and attend a minimum of 50 percent of the events prior to the following Council meeting.

They are to be replaced by:

14. The Council shall meet quarterly: meetings are held the first non-campout Saturday in March, June, September, and December, and begin promptly at 12 noon. The VP must announce the location of the meeting at least one month in advance. All votes are by a majority of those present.

Sections 18 & 19 are to be renumbered 15 & 16 respectively.

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