Notification from the King

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Moderators will be liberal in the removal of OOC posts and comments. Do not 'god mode' in the forums, if you can't do it on the field you can't do it here.
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Lord Cailen Sendor
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Notification from the King

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-12-12

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Darkon,

Over a year ago I was placed on the Throne by the support of the People of Darkon. I am proud for the support and the trust that you placed in me so long ago and I promised you that I would abdicate the Throne should your support and trust waiver to the point that you no longer wish for me to serve you as King. I believe that the time has come that you do not wish for me to continue to serve you as your King. Holding to my word and vow I will be stepping down after giving out the Peoples Tournament Prizes as promised to those who won last Peoples Tournament on this coming Sunday just before the Crown War. This act will mean that there will be no standing King until conclusion of the field Crown Battle where upon the last Knight standing with unchallenged support will become our new King without any siege involved.

During my reign serving the Realm I removed the burdensome taxes and regulations imposed by the previous King and enacted none of my own. I have created a 'hall' for holding court and to provide hospitality for any that wished to partake of it. I have encouraged an atmosphere of equality among the People without regard to race or creed such that all may be found equal under the laws and customs of Darkon. In an effort to prevent future invasions of the living dead I distributed silvered weapons to many in the Realm. And finally my service to the Realm and its people is beyond reproach. I was able to serve you and make myself approachable any time any place to help with any needs you had without reservation. I refused to appoint a guard because as you put your trust in me so I did in you. I wish to thank you, the People of our Realm for the opportunity you gave to me to serve you.

I hereby honorably release my personal retainers to act as they see fit for the coming battle as I have no intention to remain King if the People do not will it to be so. Further, I honorably release my court to see too their own People and own interests in this war as they see fit.

I truly appreciate the opportunity you gave me to serve you. According to my vow and my word my last act as King will be to show respect to those that stepped into the field of battle against their brothers and sisters and proved themselves the victors.

In service,
Cailen Sendor
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Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: Notification from the King

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2013-12-12

You got yerself sum funny honor. You said when you wuz ta be king dat you called da Crown War cuz you wanted da two-legs o' Darkon ta choose dere king. If dat's dere will, den dey won' stan' wiv you an' you will die on da field fer what ya stood fer.

You said a king iz 'upposed ta serve, a king iz also supposed ta defend da realm an' not give up cuz da wunz 'oo lost iz still sore. Let da two-legz o' Darkon choose again, cuz dere ain't no one else 'oo finks da orkz ain't jest stupid gitz. If you wuz 'ere to serve, den serve, cuz ain't no one else gunna serve da orks an' da orks ain't gunna fight fer no uvver king er kween. At least stand wiv da wunz 'oo still wan' you ta be king, 'oo died ter make ya king.

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Re: Notification from the King

Post by BaiterofBAMC » 2013-12-12

Translation: I'm going to bully my way to a title when I have overwhelming forces and can't win the title in honorable 1:1 combat. Now that those odds aren't in my favor by whatever reason, I'm going to take my ball and go home. Such a noble figure.

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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Re: Notification from the King

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-12-12

Warboss, Can you send your translator in the future? I am seeing way too many negatives in your sentence to understand...
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Guy The Bloodied
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Re: Notification from the King

Post by Guy The Bloodied » 2013-12-12

Let us remember our king always, in song:

Craven King Cailen, he bought him a crown.
He rumbled and bumbled and never fell down.
But when time came to fight, and no allies in sight,
The Craven King Cailen could nowhere be found.

Now all it needs is a little tune to accompany it. Surely there's a bard hanging up somewhere... Perhaps in the temple of Slaanesh...
Guy LeDouche the Bloodied
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Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: Notification from the King

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2013-12-13


Your sense of honor is misplaced. You said, when you ascended to the throne, that you called the Crown War because you wanted Darkon to choose their king. If that they longer want you as king, then they won't stand with you and you will die on the field, fighting for what you stood for.

You said a king is supposed to serve. A king is also supposed to defend the realm and not give up because the ones who lost are still sulking after their defeat. Let the people of Darkon choose again, because there isn't anyone else who thinks the orks aren't just stupid brutes. If you came to serve, then serve. No one else wants to serve the orks and the orks are not going to fight for any other king or queen. At least stand with the ones who still want you to be king, who died to make you king.

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Re: Notification from the King

Post by Snudge » 2013-12-13

I have thought long and hard on how best to address what I have to say, finally settled on the following.
You claim to be a man of honor but you are little more than an oathbreaker, a usurper and in the end hilariously...a coward. I applaud the efforts of your squire who has pledged himself to defend the lands of Tarimstadt. Lands you flee and leave unprotected. Shameful acts for one who calls himself a cavalier. I wish you had his courage. I bid you good day and look forward to my chance to send you to meet whatever god you follow.
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Re: Notification from the King

Post by fingers630 » 2013-12-14

His Highness has wished to abdicate the throne. I am here to let you know it will not go undefended. I will stand against the forces of the Realm who wish to claim the Capital for themselves, alone if I must.

I hold no ill will to those who wish to de-throne the King, and will meet them sword to sword on the field of battle.

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