I cheat at Darkon.

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Thrush Svartehjertet
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I cheat at Darkon.

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2014-04-28

It has come to my attention that there are people who feel strongly enough that I don't take my hits at Darkon that they have reported me to the NC.

This has not happened to me in any game since 1998. And I am ashamed.

Not one of my accusers has ever asked me about a questionable shot, asked me if I may have blocked something, nothing.

So... Since in the rest of the United States (Dagorhir) I have a phenominal reputation for shot taking and hard fighting, I now will embark on a mission to not cheat in Darkon. The one place I obviously am not good enough to need to blow off people's shots to win.

If I don't take your shot, please, call me on it. And, I'm sorry if I cheated you on a kill. King Slindar did not Knight me for being a cheater, but for exemplary and honorable performance on the field of combat at Darkon.

I do not want him to regret his choice to make me his only Knight.

I will practice harder every Tuesday to not need to cheat to win. It is the best thing I can do, for one cannot get better without practice, and I must not have been practicing hard enough for the last 15 years.

Again, Darkon, I humbly apologize for cheating, I will get better.

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Re: I cheat at Darkon.

Post by fingers630 » 2014-04-28


Admission is the first step. Stop cheating, and roll a mage. They auto win all fights I hear.

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Re: I cheat at Darkon.

Post by Cas » 2014-04-28

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Re: I cheat at Darkon.

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2014-04-28

People tried to question your hits on Facebook, but you weren't there. :P
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Re: I cheat at Darkon.

Post by Askarus » 2014-04-28

I can't believe I looked up to this man for such a long time. 10 years of fooling myself into thinking that he has beaten me with pure skill alone. Now I know the truth!

What a disappointment you have been Thrush, you made me question my sanity.

-Askarus - Guy who has never lost to Thrush in a battle, cause he cheated all those times he won.

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