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Post by fingers630 » 2015-06-28

Per your request:

1. Policy Proposal Name: Play-Test
2. Proposal Originator:
a. name: Baron Aethilgar
b. email:
3. Proposal Version: 1.0
4. Date: 10/08/2014
5. Proposal type: Addition to Bylaws
6. Policy term: Permanent
7. Policy statement:
This proposal is to formalize the play-test process from start to finish.

8. Rationale:
While Darkon has run several play-tests in the past; testing various rules in live play for a specified period of time, there are no rules to govern the implementation of said test. This bylaw addition would provide that framework.

9. Text:

Bylaw Text Changes:

Add to:
Article IV: The Senate
3. The Senate shall be responsible for the creation and review of all game rules. All rule proposals shall be voted upon by the Senate and require a simple majority to pass. Rules passed by both Senate and Board shall go into effect the following June 30th or December 31st whichever comes first; unless the rule governs safety at which point the rule will go into effect immediately.

Add new paragraph:
The Senate may vote; by simple majority, to initiate a play-test of any proposed game rule. Such a play-test would be used to give the game an opportunity to gain experience regarding a rule in question prior to a vote to implement. An approved play-test must include an end date; to be no longer than 12 months, but may be extended by another simple majority Senate vote. At the play-test’s conclusion; the new rule will be brought before Senate as a rule proposal. A play-test should not be implemented as a method to circumvent the dates listed for rules to go into effect.

Add to:
Article V: Noble Council
6. Any rules considered unsafe by the Council shall be revoked and removed from the rulebook. Any new safety requirements set by the Council shall go into effect immediately and placed in the next edition of the rulebook. The Board may veto any Council safety decision with a four-fifths majority vote. The Council can overturn a Board veto of a safety ruling with a three-fourths majority of those present.

Change text to:
Any rules or play-tests considered unsafe…

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