Potion and Scroll Change

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Potion and Scroll Change

Post by fingers630 » 2016-03-03

To change the potion and scroll creation rules.

Current rules

Potions and Scrolls
Potions and Scrolls may be created by Mages, Druids, Warrior Mages, and Clerics of 10th Rank or higher; the creation of potions and scrolls is an Adventure-Only ability. To create a potion or scroll, the maker must inform the Potions and Scrolls Marshal, or the Vice President, at check-in and pay a cost of 1 Gold Piece per spell rank. The maker must also declare at that time what type of Potion or Scroll he is making. The Potions and Scrolls Marshal will then sign and date the potion or scroll, making it valid for use.

Payment is due immediately once the potion or scroll has been signed. A participant may only make potions or scrolls during an adventure event, and can only be make them during a full day of adventuring (i.e. a participant may not make a potion or scroll on the Friday night of a campout). Potions and Scrolls are considered treasure, and may be stolen or looted. Potions and Scrolls are only valid during the date(s) of the event in which they were created.

Each adventure the spellcaster receives 3 potion/scroll points. The points are expended on created a potion or scroll depending on the level of the spell used (see table below).

1st level 1 point
2nd level 1 point
3rd level 1 point
4th level 2 points
5th level 2 points
6th level 2 points
7th level 3 points
8th level 3 points
9th level 3 points
10th level 3 points

Proposed Changes
1. A caster may make up to three potions or scrolls or any combination there of each a day of any that they can. IE three proc fire, or two Giants growth and one Gaseous Form.

Line Item Veto A caster may make up to three potions or scrolls or any combination there of each day depending on their level. At level ten 1 potion/scroll a day at level fifteen two potions or scrolls, at level 20 three potions or scrolls.

2. Line Item Veto A potion or scroll is valid up to 1 full year from creation date.

(This would allow a potion or scroll maker to create and sell them at their discretion and can open up a option to allow PC to spend gold on, this would help the Darkon economy.)

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