Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc.
Campout Policy

The following rules will be in effect for all campout events hosted by the Darkon Wargaming Club, Inc. The failure of any player to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary action, including possible ejection from the event, suspension, or expulsion from the club.

Members Only
Breaking the Law
Toilet Facilities
Mundane Items

Special rules may apply to specific events or campsites. The Executive Board will announce additions to the campout policy as early as possible. Players must abide by any situational decisions made by any Executive Board or Noble Council member.

It is the responsibility of all players to familiarize themselves with the Darkon campout policy. Ignorance of this policy will not be an acceptable excuse for violating it.

Countries may be held accountable for the actions of its members and could face disciplinary action as a group.

As always, common sense and safety are paramount to a successful and fun Darkon event.