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by Maeve
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Topic: The Northern Kingdoms
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Re: The Northern Kingdoms

They have kept true to thier characters -true to thier pasts -true to thier ideals and in the end have formed something to be extreemly proud of. Prince Cailen Sendor Very eloquently put. In my specific case, Maeve Siobahn Connaught, although a Lord of Sarum, was named a sister of Albion years ago ...
by Maeve
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Topic: sunday feb 12th
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Re: sunday feb 12th

The elders for the bridge game were very good about letting us know where fireballs and curse balls had dropped, and keeping everyone safe. I very much appreciate that, also they had to stand there being res points when the rest of us got to run around. Fireball, it's what's for dinner. Maeve of Sarum