Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky

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Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky

Post by Lord Dubh » 2015-04-07

Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky is the Pennsylvania chapter of the internationally networked Dystopia Rising Live Action Role Playing Game. Events are held once a month in central Pennsylvania at a campground which we transform into a post apocalyptic trading post and settlement where players take on the role of survivors doing their best to rebuild civilization generations after the fall.

Folks, the May event is as close as an event will ever be to Maryland. We do not expect to be at this campsite again in the foreseeable future now that we have two other campgrounds with better facilities. If you are even remotly interested in checking out this LARP this is the event to attend. The weather can't be beat, it will be a high population event, and it is 60 miles away in Red Lion area of York County, PA.

Event Announcement - https://www.facebook.com/events/781110675338539/

Dystopia Rising PA Site - http://www.dystopiarisingpa.com/

Dystopia Rising LLC Site - http://www.dystopiarisinglarp.com/

Lots of people you know from Darkon play so you wouldn't have to go it alone. Just find us in the event announcement and drop us a line.

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