Wolfpack Opener 2014

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Wolfpack Opener 2014

Post by Sir Tyriel Firebrand » 2014-01-06

As VP this will be the first huge crossgame event that I will be attending. I am going with two of my unit mates and crashing at a friends house in IL. However, those of you who can spare the time and funds should totally go to this event. It is fun and hard, good fighting. The culture is a little different, so it will give you a little more world perspective in the foam fighting community. If you show up, you WILL have a good time.


This is what you will be getting into. This is the video from 2007, but they have made videos every year. Watch em lol.
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Re: Wolfpack Opener 2014

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2014-01-07

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