Want a mini documentary about your character?

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Want a mini documentary about your character?

Post by hollyharpy » 2015-05-08

I am looking for Darkonians who are interested in making a short video (around 8 minutes) featuring their character and story! I am making a short documentary and would love to follow how you created your character, what inspired you, follow your character through battle or whatever experiences they may face, and capture it all on HD video and create a short film for you to enjoy and show off, or whatever you may want to do with it! I want to partner up and create an awesome mini-doc all about your story. It's time to premiere your Darkonian side...who wants in? We would be working together from June til the end of August to make this video. 954-330-2764 or email me at hollyfaye@gwmail.gwu.edu

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Re: Want a mini documentary about your character?

Post by fingers630 » 2015-05-10

Welcome. Please do not clutter the boards with the same post. I removed all the duplicate ones.
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Re: Want a mini documentary about your character?

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2015-05-11

If they did this about me it would just be a PSA about how not to drink and foam fight. Also to listen to doctors.

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