Next Event- 11/15/15 Darkon Cornmaze

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Next Event- 11/15/15 Darkon Cornmaze

Post by fingers630 » 2015-11-09

Hail Darkon! Do not miss this one, it will be epic.

When you arrive there is a large and obvious parking area. From the lot you will walk up to the Country Store where concessions will be on sale for us from 12-4. This will include hot dogs, pretzel dogs and nachos, all available with chili and cheese. Drinks for sale incude fountain soads, hot chocolate and hot coffee. Montpelier Farms is making special accomodations to serve us food and drinks, so please support them and make it worth their while!

Beyond the store is an enormous pavillion near the corn maze. We will gather here to organize the event. Stay out of the Corn Maze until the battle begins! We will organize teams immediately following land events.

SOME CAUTIONS ABOUT THE MAZE: Wear long sleeves and cover your face if you plan on running through the Maze. The corn will cut you, and the corn will burn you with abrasions. You will get lost very easily in here, especially if you wander off by yourself!

Team Angry God and Team Volcano each control a Tower in Eldath's Garden. The Garden has remarkable healing properties which allow the enemy factions to battle each other all day long. Each team struggles to capture the Banner of it's opposing faction.

Teams and Getting Started:

1. All players will be told to form up as their countries in the field near the pavillion. All nomads not associated with a country will form one unit.

2. Teams will be made and sides determined using the irreproachable Broken Candy Bar method, in which each captain takes turns picking a country, but a coin toss decides which team is theirs in the end. The south side team is "Angry God". The north side team is "Volcano".

3. An elder will be sent to each tower with that side's Flag and the teams will each gather at their respective entrances to the maze.

4. One player from each team will be selected to be their team's "Shaman". This will be a new player/ first eventer if possible.

5. When Lay On is called, you may enter the Maze and remain in play as long as you want until the battle is over. If you want to leave the battle and rejoin it you may do so but must renter only from your team's entrance.

6. At Lay On your tower is the one that is closest to you. An elder will be standing on it with your team's banner. You may go to defend it, or make your way to the enemy.

General Gameplay Rules:

1. Battle Rules are in effect. This is a Capture The Flag Rezz Battle with several special rules.

2. All healing spells are cast at maximum reduction (half length) due to Eldath's great powers of renewal.

3. One player on each team will be the "Shaman". The Shaman will be given an amulet to wear visibly. The Shaman may return a dead or mortalled player to life by reciting an invocation line 5 times and touching that player with a hand or a weapon. The Angry God Shaman's invocation line is "Angry God Returns You To Life". The Volcano Shaman's invocation line is "Volcano Returns You To Life". This must be recited 5 times per player revived. A Shaman may not revive himself. The Shaman may not relinquish his totem to another player nor pass off his abilities. If a Shaman needs to leave early he may go to the elder at his Tower and hand in his amulet. The Elder will choose a new Shaman.

4. Players may at any time revive/ rezz themselves by returning to their team's entrance to the Corn Maze and touching the map post there. You may only revive or enter the Maze at your own entrance. You may never enter via the other team's entrance.

5. Players may also revive/ rezz themselves by walking to their own Tower and walking under it. This may only be done if the Tower is uncontested and entirely controlled by your home team. The elder at your tower will always be able to tell you this.

6. When you are dead and walking to revive, you MUST keep your weapon or hands over your head to avoid confusion. To recap, their are 3 ways to revive- your entrance, your uncontested tower, and your shaman. You may "ghost walk" to any of these but once you are in motion you may not be brought back by player spells.

7. You must announce your own team truthfully and loudly when confronting other players. Shout "Team Angry God" or "Team Volcano"

8. When travelling through the maze you must remain on the paths and cannot move between the rows of corn. If you are a Druid or Ranger only, you may pass between the corn rows carefully (do not damage the crops!).

Objectives & Tower Rules

1. A point is scored when one team has both the other team's flag and their own flag on top of their home tower. Note "top", not just the steps!

2. Any player may possess one or both flags. If you move while holding a flag you must hold it upright with the bottom of the pole above your waist so that the flag can be seen above the corn rows. You may only lower/ conceal a flag when you are standing still. If you move, it must go up.

3. If you are carrying a flag you must make your way towards your home base in the most direct route possible.

4. If you are killed while carrying a flag you must drop it. Others may then pick it up.

5. You may not remove your own flag from your base tower. You may only ever handle your own flag to return it directly home.

6. When an enemy's flag is in their tower base, only a player with the Climb Walls ability may go up the tower to get it. Any players may travel up their own home tower.

7. There is no fighting on the towers. If a player is standing on the steps or top of a tower, they cannot use or be hit by melee weapons. They may use missile weapons and cast spells. Missiles and spellballs may also be used against them from the ground. You may revive/ rezz by walking under your home tower, just the same as tapping a rezz pole, but only if your tower is uncontested. If there are any enemies in the clearing around the tower, it is considered contested. The elder on top of your tower will watch for this and whenever a tower's status changes the elder will loudly announce it. You may also ask the elder at any time. This offers an option to revive if you get lost and cannot find your entrance revive post or your Shaman, but also forbids players from spawning directly into combat.

8. Towers can be attacked by striking each of the 4 tower posts once with a black or yellow weapon. To do so , players call Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, Tower 4 as they hit each post. If each post is hit then all of the players on the tower top and steps are dead. This does not damage the tower, and the Climb Walls ability is still needed to ascend the enemy tower. The 4 tower hits, one for each leg, immediately regenerate so that future players hiding in the tower may be slain. You may even slay enemies in your own tower this way.

9. When a point is scored, players return to their home tower. When the flags are replaced home the Elders, one on each tower, will signal each other to Lay On.

10. This will continue until 4pm. The winning team will be the one with the most points. Late arriving players will be added to the team with the least points. If you need to take a break, you can hop back in at any time!

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