Problem with event schedule

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Problem with event schedule

Post by BilePlaguewind » 2012-02-26

There is no address for Redland... Also, no directions. So, if anyone has either one, please post them here.
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Re: Problem with event schedule

Post by fingers630 » 2012-02-26

easiest way (unless you are down near DC i guess):

95 south to burtonsville exit (rt 198 i believe)
follow that (past burtonsville park) for about 30 min
right onto muncaster mill road (just past rt 97)
follow that for about 5ish minutes
school is on right.
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Re: Problem with event schedule

Post by Snudge » 2012-02-29

scroll down some, the link becomes an active one lower
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Re: Problem with event schedule

Post by PadreCaedes » 2012-03-01

The burtonsville link also leads to Reunion Farm.
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Re: Problem with event schedule

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-03-01

Yup, they mostly all are broken.
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