**Next Event- May 15th Redland**

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**Next Event- May 15th Redland**

Post by fingers630 » 2016-05-02

This will be the Darkon Spring Tourney, with gold piece prizes going to commoners that win the various events held. In addition, there will be elections for the positions of Land Marshal, President, and Vice President. Please be sure to post below that you are planning to run, and in addition, contact the secretary of Darkon (Fyxe of NQ!) to declare your intent to run.

Thank you
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Re: **Next Event- May 15th Redland**

Post by kakowthebeautiful » 2016-05-05

I'm running for vp.

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Re: **Next Event- May 15th Redland**

Post by Dienekes4000 » 2016-05-06

Hey there Darkonians. My name is Rich Scott, most of you know me as Dienekes IC and I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of Land Marshal. I realize I will have my hands full and will devote the proper attention to fixing the land map and moving forward with a standard of procedure in place. I have been in the game for twenty odd years and would like to give back and serve the realm. Thank you for the consideration in and hope to meet with country representatives soon after the elections .

Rich Scott
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