Lost and Found

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Sir Gwydion
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Lost and Found

Post by Sir Gwydion » 2012-08-27

There were a pair of boots sitting next to Cog's yellow bag of marshallyness under the pavillion when I left. Also, there was a red-white sword. I grabbed them both. Please message me if you belong to these items and we can work out a swap...
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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-08-27

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Logan Baneblood
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Logan Baneblood » 2012-08-27

A member of Asaheim lost a red/white, it might be his.

Land Marshal
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Cog » 2012-08-27

Thank you Baron Gwydion, The yellow workout bag full of my marshal stuff and the boots are mine. I will describe the boots completely if need be. The sword however I don't believe belongs to me. Again thank you and you will be paid with a reward :)

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