Missing Grey Knights

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Missing Grey Knights

Post by fingers630 » 2013-07-09

So I seem to be missing a box of Grey Knights that the last time I saw were in the back of my car. They were in a Shoe Box and consisted of:

1 Painted Dread Knight
1 Painted Razorback
1 Terminator Librarian
1 Assassin Painted Black
1 Inquisitor Semi Painted Blue/White
1 Chimera Unpainted
Some acolyte Looking troops
Possibly some Painted Terminators/Regular Troops

I have been unable to locate these models in my house, car, or garage, and havent used them often lately. It just occured to me that at least 1 darkon event they were in the back of my car, and I may have left my car unlocked at the event (Probably Oregon Ridge)

If you see anyone with a new GK army sprouting up at one of your games, or see anyone attempting to sell them, please contact me ASAP at 410-978-2225.

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